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Do you feel lost in a world you do not understand and living a life that feels like a lie? Do you wake up everyday wishing you and your life were different? Life is too short not to be living the life you were meant to live.

What if you had your own personal book that revealed your true power and purpose? What if this book gave you all the information you needed to fulfil your destiny and honour the truth of who you really are.

In Order To Make A Difference You Need To Express Your Difference.


The Authentic Self Assessment Profile Package provides you with everything you need to live the life you were destined to live. No more feeling stuck and inauthentic. Your personalised profile reveals the wide variety of gifts  you have hidden within you and how to activate those gifts to fulfil  your destiny. 


The Guide You Should Have Been Given At Birth

Your Power, Purpose & Potential Revealed

Your life blueprint revealed. How much easier would it be if you knew what you were meant to be doing with your life? Discover your hidden gifts so you can achieve your unique destiny and higher purpose.

Your Self Sabotaging Behaviours Exposed

How much pain, suffering and frustration have you experienced due to the unseen enemy of self sabotage? How much easier would your life be if you knew how to slay the inner demons of self sabotage?

Challenging Relationships Explained 

Your personal and professional relationships have a huge impact on your success and happiness. Would you like to resolve challenging relationship patterns? Imagine how much easier your life would be if you knew how to create healthy and harmonious relationships? 

Unique Strategies Provided

Get daily access to simple and effective strategies to unlock your purpose, power and potential. Knowledge is only power when combined with action. The profile provides clear actionable steps to unlock your authentic self.  


The  Authentic Self Assessment Profile Package contains three powerful components to enable  you to live an authentic life.


The Authentic Self Assessment Profile

  • The Authentic Self Assessment Profile is a comprehensive 80+ page personalised report that reveals everything you need to know about you and your life purpose. 
  • It covers eight life aspects including Signature Personality, Supporting Personality, Hidden Personality, Key Traits To Be Mastered, Lower Will, Higher Self Expression, Destiny and Spiritual Purpose. 
  • Each of the life aspects contains an archetype with four major areas. 1. Power and Potential Of The Archetype. 2. Self Sabotaging Shadow Side Of The Archetype. 3.. Impact Of The Archetype on Professional and Personal Relationships. 4. Strategies For Living The Power And Potential Of The Archetype. 
  • The profile can be likened to your very own book of life. You will never again have to search to understand who you are and what you are meant to bring to the world. To learn more about the profile see below.


Tools To Explore & Interpret Your Profile 

  • So that you can interpret your report and bring your profile to life, the following support tools have been included:
  • The Hero's Journey Life Map Template. This powerful tool allows you to plan your authentic life’s journey.
  • A detailed guide outlining how to get the most out of your profile and the tools provided. 
  • A set of printable daily guidance cards specifically tailored  to your profile. Using the cards is a simple and easy way to start living your gifts and overcoming self sabotage. 


Group Coaching & Private FB Group Support

  • Every month you will be invited to attend a Zoom call where you can get answers to your questions. .
  • Become part of a community of like-minded people and be supported to live your authentic journey and fulfil your purpose. 


"You have left me absolutely speechless

You have left me absolutely speechless. The accuracy of the profile and comprehensiveness of the report are incredible. I was so intrigued and engaged by all the information contained in the report. It’s so well written, I cannot wait till you publish a book!

You have presented the information in a really clear and simple way, and write with a tone of empowerment. It made me feel like you were turning the key to a door behind which was my full potential.


“I was astonished that it contained themes, even specifics, I have struggled with my whole life"

I’ve done a lot of personal work over the years to heal unhelpful patterns of behaviour.  When I saw the Authentic Self profile, I was initially curious but sceptical about how this could deliver insights I hadn’t already uncovered. 

Reading my profile, I was astonished that it contained themes, even specifics, I have struggled with my whole life. It explained a lot and that got my attention. Perhaps more startling were the strengths and gifts the profile revealed. Intuitively I knew the seeds were there. I wondered what it would really be like to live as a ‘Charismatic Communicator’, able to inspire and move hearts and minds for truly positive impact. 

Seeing it all in black and white led me to commit to using the profile as a tool to heal those old patterns and learn how to own my gifts. I’m still working on making changes and, guided by insights from the profile, progress has accelerated. So much so that more has shifted for me in the last 6 months than in the previous 4 years. 

I refer to the profile often to gauge my progress and continue to use it as a guide to grow into my authentic self. Ultimately, when you’re ready what personal work could be more meaningful than that?


"The detailed analysis of my authentic life profile literally changed my life"

I can’t recommend Jule enough, her detailed analysis of my authentic life profile literally changed my life. It gave me a deep understanding of my personality, which was incredibly accurate, it showed me where I should focus my energy on to  ensure I’m following my destiny, and also guidance on how to overcome my fears in some areas.

I got so much value from chatting with Jule, she is a wealth of knowledge and is truly talented in what she does. 



The Authentic Self Assessment Profile

  • Lifetime Access. You get to download everything and store it on your computer. No forgetting passwords or signing into websites to access your materials ever.
  • 80+ Page Personalised Report. Your own personalised book of life. Everything you need to know to understand your unique purpose, power and potential. 
  • A comprehensive set of tools to explore, interpret and fully integrate the profile into your life. 
  • Access to private FB support group 
  • Free monthly group coaching session 

Normally $147 USD

Limited Time Offer $97 USD 

FAQ Authentic Self Assessment Profile Package

What Is The Authentic Self Assessment Profile

Authentic Self Assessment Profile reveals the secrets to being your authentic self. It contains your unique blueprint on how to unleash your purpose, power and potential. Just as you have a unique fingerprint you also have a unique life blueprint. This blueprint is your personal roadmap on how you can achieve your life purpose and live an authentic life. Your life journey is unique to you. It is like no other. 

You cannot read a book on how someone else created success and happiness and expect it to work for you. Everyone's journey is different. The secret to your success lies in living your unique and authentic footprint. You could say the profile represents your authentic book of life. On average each profile is approximately 80 pages long. Imagine having your very own book of life. Not someone else’s book, but your own. 

Your profile outlines eight Authentic Life Aspects. These include:

Signature Personality 

Your Signature Personality is your dominant way of responding to and interacting with the world. It contains keys to unlocking your power and potential. Your Signature Personality can be likened literally to signing your signature on everything you do. It is the way you leave your mark on the world everyday. The world needs you to express your signature personality. 

Supporting Personality  

Your Supporting Personality strengthens the impact of your Signature Personality. 

Hidden Personality  

Your Hidden Personality contains hidden character traits that assist you to realise your potential and life purpose. It can either assist or impede your progress depending on how you interact with it’s archetype. Hidden Personality traits can often remain hidden until you decide to activate its potential. 

Key Traits To Be Mastered

Key Traits To Be Mastered represents key character traits you are likely to struggle to express. This is because you are usually stuck in specific self sabotaging behaviours. When Key Traits To Be Mastered appears in your profile it is a sign that self sabotaging behaviours are preventing your full expression.

Lower Will 

Your Lower Will represents that part of you that has a tendency to get trapped in specific Self Sabotaging Behaviours. It will often prevent you from living your true purpose, power and potential.

Higher Self Expression

Your Higher Self Expression represents your higher evolved self. In order to express its full power you will be need to be aligned with your Spiritual Purpose..  


Your Destiny represents a major part of your life purpose. It combined with your Spiritual Purpose, determines your full life’s purpose.

Spiritual Purpose 

Your Spiritual Purpose represents your higher calling. It paves the way to you fulfilling your life purpose. It is the path less travelled by most. This is because it demands that you dare to live authentically rather than be one of the crowd. When you combine your Spiritual Purpose and Destiny, it illuminates your complete life purpose. 


Within the above eight aspects lie specific Character Archetypes. You can have up to eight in your profile. There are eleven possible Archetypes including:

The Business Wizard

The Charismatic Communicator

The Channeller

The Creative

The Freedom Fighter

The Humanitarian

The Intuitive

The Intuitive Change Agent

The Intuitive Global Leader

The Restorative 

The Visionary Leader

The Authentic Self Assessment Profile was developed by Jule Fuller and is only available through The Authentic Self Assessment Profile Package.and Purpose Driven Coaching. The profile has received rave reviews about its accuracy, insights, and life changing content. The profile is based on a numeric algorithm derived from your date of birth and the full name you were given at birth or your adopted name. No time or location of birth is required. 

It differs from other assessment profiles in that the beliefs and attitudes contained within your conditioned mind have no bearing on the assessment results. The assessment results sit outside any limiting beliefs to reveal your true hidden potential. Other assessment tools reveal your deep unconscious beliefs and attitudes and not the truth  of who you really are. 

How Is This Different From Other Assessments

It is a multifaceted tool that reveals the hidden depths of who you truly are as well as your life purpose across 8 life aspects. Within each aspect sits an archetype.

Each archetype contains four major sections including: its hidden power and potential; its self sabotaging behaviours; its impact on your professional and personal relationships and strategies to unleash your full purpose, power and potential.

It also differs from other assessment profiles in that it is based on a numeric algorithm derived from your date of birth and the full name you were given at birth or your adopted name. It also differs from other assessment profiles in that the beliefs and attitudes contained within your conditioned mind have no bearing on the assessment results. The assessment results sit outside any limiting beliefs to reveal your true hidden potential. Other assessment tools reveal your deep unconscious beliefs and attitudes and not the truth  of who you really are. 

How Does The Coaching Package Work

What is the purpose of the group coaching sessions?

The group coaching sessions are to answer your questions about your profile and use of the assessment tools..

When are the group coaching sessions going to be held?  

There are multiple times available f depending on where you are located geographically. 

Monday Sydney 7pm / London 10am / Paris 11am / Dubai 1pm / Singapore & Hong Kong 5pm 

Monday / Los Angeles 6pm / NY 9pm / 8pm Montreal.

How long will the group coaching calls be? 

We plan for 1 hour and it may be extended so that everyone gets their questions answered.  You are not required to stay for the whole session but it can be beneficial hearing the answers to other peoples questions . This  can give you greater clarity into your own profile. 

How will the group coaching sessions be delivered?

They will be conducted via Zoom. Rather than using the chat box you will have access to the microphone and be able to ask your questions directly.    

What else do you need to know about the group coaching sessions? 

In order to get through as many questions as possible You will need to email your questions in advance to This will allow me to see whether I require more information in order to answer your question. If this is the case I will email you and let know. The order of questions being answered during the session will follow the same timeline as I received your question through email.  

What if I cannot attend a session? 

Email  your question and I will answer it and send you the recording. Make sure you are very clear with your question because you will not have the opportunity to clarify.  

How Do I Take The Assessment

When you purchase the profile you will be asked to email the full name you were given at birth plus your date of birth. Your date of birth needs to be written in the following format day(numerical) the month(text) and year (numerical) eg 27th August 1997 

Your personalised profile can take up to 48 hours to be delivered to your inbox. 



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