7 Levels Of Consciousness – How To Unlock Your Potential

Do you feel you are not living your best life? Is there more that you know you should be doing and expressing but are unsure how to do this? What if there was a simple way to identify what is holding you back in unleashing your true power and potential?

The 7 Levels Of Consciousness - How to Unlock Your Power and Potential. Gives you a simple formula for identifying the blockages to unlocking your potential. In it you will discover what the 7 levels of consciousness are. Assess what level you are at and how to shift your consciousness to unlock your true potential. 

What Are The 7 Levels Of Consciousness

The 7 levels of consciousness represent the 7 ways you relate to and engage with the world. As you move up each of the levels you unlock more potential. 

Level 1 - The Victim

Level 2 - The Emotional Self    

Level 3 - The Authentic Self

Level 4 - The Loving Self

Level 5 - The Truthful Self

Level 6 - The Knowing Self

Level 7 - Higher Self Awareness

Level 1 - The Victim

What Is It

At level 1 The Victim you see yourself being impacted by the world rather than impacting the world. You have lost the belief that you have the power to change situations. Instead you believe you have no power to change things. 

At this level you can get stuck in fight, flight or freeze mode. Often people who exhibit fight mode responses do not see themselves as victims. They believe by fighting situations and people they maintain their power. Yet this is not necessarily true. Fight does not usually equate to change. It is only when you believe you have the power to change things that you are free of victim mode. 

Change means choice. When you are not in victim mode you always know you have choices. The great thing about believing in the power of choice is it gives you the ability to change things. The very act of knowing you have a choice opens up the possibility of finding the perfect solution. Whilst you continue to believe you do not have choices you will not be able to find them. What you focus on you find. See article Magic, Miracles and Amazing Opportunities for more on this. 

Assessment Indicators Of Being Stuck In Level 1

Feeling powerless to make change.

Finding that most of your responses to the world are primarily either fight, flight or freeze. 

Handing over your power of choice to others.

Afraid of upsetting others if you make your needs know

Moving Up To Level 2 of The 7 Levels Of Consciousness

Disrupt Your Thinking

Ask yourself  the following questions

What if I could change things?

What would that look like?

How would I feel about myself, others and the world if this were true. 

Changing Your Reality

Imagine standing outside yourself and becoming the observer. As you look upon yourself you see that you are bound by all these limiting thoughts and emotions. As you look closer you see these limiting thoughts and emotions are from your childhood. A teacher, a friend, a parent made you feel that nothing you did was ever right or good enough. This caused you to stop believing that you were good enough. No matter where you looked you felt stupid, inadequate and a failure. You decided that life was too difficult so you withdrew into yourself. Here no-one could hurt or touch you. However what you did not realise at the time was that you could not also touch the world. This unconsciously left you a victim. By cutting yourself off from the world you severed your ability to change the world around you.

Suddenly the truth of this hits you with the biggest ah ah moment you have had in a very long time. You realise that one decision left you powerless. What if you could change this now? Einstein showed that time is an illusion. The concept of time is simply an illusion made up of human memories. Everything that has ever been or will be is happening right now. There is nothing in the laws of physics to state that time only moves forward.

Knowing this you decide to change that decision. You can change the past. As you look upon the small child, hurt by others careless  words. A vast quantum field opens up to connect your past and future selves. This field allows you to communicate to the hurt child a deep inner knowing and truth that they are good enough. Who and what they are is perfect. They are destined to have a big impact on the world in the future. They hold an important piece of the puzzle for the future of humankind. Without them the whole cannot be realised. 

As the child receives this message they resonate with the truth of it. Their previous decision to withdraw from the world is changed. They now know that in order to fulfil their destiny they need to be part of the world. However being part of the world does not mean believing everything that people say. The child now knows that anything not said in the spirit of love is not the truth. 

As you watch the child become truly self empowered your heart beings to sing. Suddenly you feel yourself being free to interact in the world knowing it is time to do what you came here to do. 

Level 2 - The Emotional Self    

What It Is

At level 2 The Emotional Self you tend to respond to the world through the lens of fear based emotions. Examples of fear based emotions include. Resentment, anger, worry, frustration, jealousy, guilt, anxiety, annoyance, despair, envy, impatience. It is like wearing emotionally coloured glasses. Those glasses then distort and colour your world with fear based responses. 

Responding to the world with fear based emotions causes you to not trust life. You secretly fear that things will go wrong. This is where the power of choice comes in. In order to master the emotional self you need to exercise your power of choice from Level 1. It will be impossible to release the emotional self if you are still stuck in victim mode.

Fear based responses colour your perception. Leading you to react to situations instead of responding to them. When you respond to situations without the drama of fear you open up possibilities. The words REACT and CREATE have the same letters just rearranged differently. Because you have the power of choice you can choose to create in the moment rather than react.  

Assessment Indicators Of Being Stuck In Level 2

Finding yourself reacting to situations rather than responding

You attract drama in your life

You sometimes like the drama

Feeling a need to control outcomes

Feeling threatened by life 

Not trusting that others will care and support you

Feeling insecure and not good enough

Moving Up To Level 3 of The 7 Levels Of Consciousness

Disrupt Your Thinking

Ask yourself the following questions

Am I my emotions? 

If I am not my emotions what am I? 

Does expressing fear based emotions allow me to live up to my highest potential? 

What would allow me to live up to my highest potential? 

How much longer am I prepared to allow my life to be ruled by fear based emotions? 

What do you imagine will change when you are no longer ruled by fear based emotions?

Changing Your Reality

Think of a fear based emotion or thought that you often experience. For example anger or the thought of not being loveable or good enough. When you experience this emotion or thought where do you feel, see or sense it in your body? Imagine you had a magic wand full of love. Place this magic wand on the area on your body where the emotion or thought is. Knowing that fear and love cannot exist in the same place at the same time. See the emotion or thought completely disappearing from your body. 

Notice how you now feel.

Repeat the process whenever you experience fear based emotions and thoughts.

Level 3 - The Authentic Self

What It Is

Once you have mastered your emotional self you are ready to express your authentic self. Please be aware that you may still get triggered by fear based thoughts and emotions. However they will not have the power any more rule you. You have a choice to use the process outlined in the level 2. This opens the doorway to you stepping into your authentic self. 

The word authentic means of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine. In order to be authentic it is important to understand who you are is unique. No one is exactly like you, nor is your journey like anyones else's. Just as your finger print is unique your life is unique. 

We have been lead to believe that success and happiness are found in formula's. Do this and you will get that. Learning is not tailored to the individual but the masses. Yet to be authentic you need to find and stand in your truth. Not someone else's. 

Assessment Indicators Of Being Stuck In Level 3

Taking action out of peer pressure that you know is fundamentally wrong for you.

Ignoring your inner knowing because it goes against the norm.

Trying to fit in when you know you are selling your soul. 

Scared of speaking up because you doubt yourself.

Playing small in a big world.

Denying your presence, worth and beauty in the world

Moving Up To Level 4 of The 7 Levels Of Consciousness

Disrupt Your Thinking

Ask yourself the following questions

How am I living a life that reflects who I really am? 

If I was completely honest with myself. What is the greatness that I am secretly hiding from the world?  

If it were possible, how would you have designed your life before you were born? 

If you had to write your obituary what would you want it say. What impact and difference would you have liked your life to make in the world. What is the legacy you wish to leave behind?

What does the next version of you look like? 

How can you step into your greatness a little more today? 

Changing Your Reality

Imagine you were born with super powers you somehow forgot you had. What would those super powers be? Let your imagination run free. Remember Einsteins famous quote "imagination is more important than knowledge". Do not let limiting beliefs stop you from embracing your super powers. How do those super powers make you feel? 

If you could take this feeling and apply it to one area of your life where you know you are not being authentic. What would you do differently moving forward? 

Use this activity often to allow you to step into the potentiality of who you are?  Society and its norms have conditioned you to believe you are so much less that who you truly are. Within you lies the truth. Einstein said it best "Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge". For knowledge is limited. Whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.

Level 4 - The Loving Self

What It Is

When you master level 3 authenticity you create a space for your loving self to enter. By reclaiming you it naturally flows you can unconditionally love yourself and others. Unconditional love is the highest form of love there is. It places no boundaries or expectations on others. It expresses love as a natural extension of the truth of who we really are. 

However unconditional love does not mean that you support bad behaviour. It means that you can distinguish the person from the behaviour. Whilst you do not condone bad behaviour you do hold loving thoughts towards others. 

Have you ever noticed that people live up to the expectations we have of them. You may remember a study conducted some years ago. They took the highest performing class of students. Told the teacher they were the lowest performing class. Then they took the lowest performing class of students. Told the teacher they were the highest performing class. No surprises here. The top performing students grades dropped and the lowest performing students grades improved. Brain research into mirror neurons also shows how your thoughts influence others actions. See article XYZ for more on this.

When you unconditionally love others you allow them to live up their true potential. When you unconditionally love yourself you allow you to live up to your potential. 

Assessment Indicators Of Being Stuck In Level 4

Feeling hurt when others do not live up to your expectations

Placing conditions around others receiving your love. 

Being unable to forgive yourself and others.

Being kind and loving towards yourself.

Staying in bad and toxic relationships.

Moving Up To Level 5 of The 7 Levels Of Consciousness

Disrupt Your Thinking

Ask yourself the following questions. 

How much energy and distress am I experiencing by holding onto grievances? 

Is it really possible to love myself when I am holding a grievance towards someone else?  

By forgiving another do I free myself from toxic thoughts and energy? 

How might this make me feel? 

How might my life improve if I release these toxic thoughts and emotions?  

How do grievances reduce my authentic power? 

How does unconditional love increase my authentic power?   

Changing Your Reality

Imagine you are standing outside yourself. Observe yourself being angry and annoyed at someone. Look at what it does to your energy field. Notice what happens when someone unrelated to the person you are angry with enters the scene. How does your energy  impact the other person's energy? How likely are you to create the highest outcome for yourself and the other person?  Think of all the grievances you are holding at the moment. How are these impacting your ability to be successful and live your destiny?

Now imagine again you are standing outside yourself. Observe yourself being angry and annoyed at someone. This time you let go of the grievance by visualising that person's energy field encased in pure love. Look at what this does to your energy field. Notice what happens when someone unrelated to who you were angry with enters the scene. What happens to that person's energy? How likely are you to create the highest outcome for yourself and the other person? How will the practice of unconditional love allow you to live your potential and destiny?  

Develop the following practice when going to bed each night. Bring to mind the people you are holding grievances towards. Then one by one send each one of them love. This only needs to take around 20 seconds or so for each person. Do not worry too much about the technique for doing this. It is the intention of sending love that gives the technique its power. Not the technique itself. The timing of this activity is also important. What you think about just before sleep goes directly into your long term memory. Influencing all your future thoughts and actions. 

Level 5 - The Truthful Self

What It Is

The truthful self has the courage and wisdom to speak in a way that honours itself and others. At level 5 you have mastered the art of unconditional love allowing all words to have great power and do no harm. Opening to this truth will give you the courage and confidence to speak freely. 

Assessment Indicators Of Being Stuck In Level 5

At this level there shouldn't be very much standing in the way of you finding your voice in the world. If you find yourself reluctant to use your voice. Firstly try the following moving up to level 6 of the 7 levels of consciousness activities. If these do not allow you to freely express your voice in the world then return to levels  3 and 4.

Moving Up To Level 6 of The 7 Levels Of Consciousness

Disrupt Your Thinking

Ask yourself the following questions.

What are you denying the world when your your voice is missing from it? 

What is really preventing you from speaking up in the world?

Imagine how the world could be a better when you speak your truth? 

Changing Your Reality

Imagine yourself filled with love and light. Notice what colour the  light is that is located in your throat area? In your mind create a sphere of light that is filled with golden light. Take this sphere of light and place it in your throat area. See the golden light getting brighter and bigger. Then see the golden light shine brightly forth from your throat chakra out into the world. As it shines out see it blessing and transforming everything it comes into contact with.

Repeat this visualisation every time your voice is not freely expressed in the world. 

Level 6 - The Knowing Self

What It Is

The knowing self represents that wise inner voice that know the truth. Unfortunately many people fear this voice and often suppress its communication. Only to find out later the inner  was correct. 

It takes great courage, faith and belief to follow your inner knowing. This is because it often conflicts with your conditioned mind. Your conditioned mind reflects what has gone before. Your inner knowing reflects what is yet to be. The two worlds are not compatible because they are created from different mindsets. All great inventions, innovations and change come from the knowing self. 

Every time you follow your inner knowing it reinforces levels 3, 4 and 5. In order to unlock your full potential you will need to learn to follow the voice of your inner knowing. It is a common myth that you need to develop your intuition or inner knowing. This is not true. There is nothing to develop as inner knowing resides naturally within everyone. It has nothing to do with developing it and everything to do with listening it.

Psychology tells us if we ignore a behaviour it goes away. The same thing happens with your inner knowing. If you ignore your inner knowing it will stop communicating with you.

Assessment Indicators Of Being Stuck In Level 6

Deliberating ignoring your inner knowing

Fearful of your inner voice's messages

Afraid of being wrong

Lack of faith in your inner voice

Can't hear your inner voice

Moving Up To Level 7 of The 7 Levels Of Consciousness

Disrupt Your Thinking

Questions to start asking yourself to awaken your inner knowing.  

What is the worst thing that could happen if you listened to your inner knowing? What are you afraid of? 

What does your gut or inner knowing tell you tell you about this situation? 

What would your wisest or highest self advise you to do?

What is the deeper truth you can say about this situation? 

If you imagine yourself being guided, what do you feel is important for you to know?  

Opened questions like this are a powerful way to start tapping back into your inner knowing. Write down these questions down somewhere you can access them everyday. Then ask one every day and see how your life changes in miraculous and amazing ways.

Changing Your Reality

Imagine your inner knowing is standing outside of you now. What is it saying to you? After your inner knowing replies ask the following question up to 5 times. What else?  Do this activity after you have completed Disrupt Your Thinking activity. 

Level 7 - Higher Self Awareness

What It Is

At level 7 you are ready to connect with a higher part of you. Some might say that it is a field. The field has many names. The Quantum Field, The Zero Point Energy Field, The Universal Field Of Intelligence. Its name does not matter. What matters is a higher intelligence sits outside your everyday awareness and thinking. 

Why would you want to tap into your higher self awareness? Your perceptions are shaped by the world you live in. Have you ever questioned the madness of the world at times? Did you find a satisfactory answer to your questioning? Eistein said it best with his quote. "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."  

At level 7 you are able to live free of societal conditioning and beliefs. You begin to see the vastness of both yourself and others

Few people reach this level. Many purport to but it is at best a fleeting glance. That does not mean you cannot. The reason why few people reach this level is because they have not mastered the previous 6 levels. You now have the missing roadmap. 

Assessment Indicators You May Be Stuck In Level 7

Lots of synchronicities appearing in your life

The constant feeling that something is just outside of awareness.

Nothing in your life quite works as well as it use to

Constantly questioning who you really are.

Knowing that you are much more than you appear to be.

A yearning for something you cannot quite put your finger on.

Feeling dissatisfied with life although logically there is nothing to feel dissatisfied about. 

Living Level 7 of The 7 Levels Of Consciousness

Disrupt Your Thinking

Ask yourself the following questions. 

If I knew the answer to what is the nature of my real existence. What would that be? 

How might living in my higher awareness help me to live my best life?

What is it my higher self awareness knows that I do not?

Changing Your Reality

Find a place where you can sit down and relax. Close your eyes and and take 10 deep breaths. Keeping your eyes closed. Ask your higher self to appear to you in a form that makes it easy for you to see, hear or feel their presence. Take all the time you need to see, hear or feel their presence. Once this has happened spend time sitting with and connecting with your higher self. Spend 10 minutes each day connecting with your higher self. You are not required to do anything else other than spend time sitting in their presence. Keep practising this daily and observe what changes occur over a period of time. 


The 7 levels of consciousness is a simple model for unlocking your power and potential. It allows you to know at any given time your level of consciousness. With this knowledge you can then determine the best way unlock your power and potential. All it takes is a little self awareness and a willingness to change your current reality.

Only you can determine the level of success and happiness you will achieve in your life. It is no accident that The Victim represents the first level of consciousness. You have been blessed with the power of choice. 

Imagine how your life can change as you move through each of the 7 levels of consciousness. You are an unlimited being. Dream big, think big for that is who you truly are. 

Jule Fuller

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