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Jule Fuller

About Jule Fuller  

Most of my working life has been spent in the corporate world. A world  where I struggled to reconcile my mystical nature with corporate politics and profits. I found I had a gift for business and would always make a lot of money for corporations. I also had a talent for achieving things no one could do. Although deep down none of this really made me happy. Whenever I would try to leave the corporate world I would always find myself serendipitously placed back in it. 

As a child, I wasn't particularly intuitive or mystical. It was in my early twenties I found myself bored with life and work. To relieve the boredom I enrolled in both a tarot and numerology course. It seems I had a gift for both. Numerology today still informs some of the work I do with clients. 

It was during the tarot course that I met a woman that recommended that I do a mind control program called Alpha Dynamics. This would prove to be a pivotal decision in my life. 

It was not long after doing the course that I met my guides. I was travelling to a meeting in a part of the city that I always got lost in. As I was deciding which exit to take, a group of voices came through and said take the exit furthest to the left. This was the beginning of a relationship that would last many years.

They introduced themselves as the collective souls and had an extremely lively sense of humour. Which was in total opposition to my very serious nature at the time. Their guidance was always in the form of, you need to pass on this message to this person. Most of these people were complete strangers or people I had met only once before. I never hesitated in telling my guides I wasn’t about to do that, and they will think I was insane. However, they would always remain insistent that I pass on the messages. 

Finally, I would get sick of their nagging and pass on the message. Of course their messages were extremely accurate, and the person would always confirm that. Strangely enough, if a person couldn’t confirm the authenticity of the message at the time. They always found a way to come back and confirm the message was correct. Sometimes years afterwards.

It didn’t take long for these quirky group of souls to become my best friends. I could always feel their presence around me. One day they told me I had to rely more on my intuition rather than theirs. So we are going away for a while but will return when you start using your intuition. I can remember being devastated at the time. True to their word, they did return when I started to listen to the voice inside me. 

I learned later the true gift they offered me, which I have always tried to offer others. If you are going to be a guide someone, make sure you empower them rather than making them dependent on you.

During this time I also found that I started seeing ghostly apparitions at night. This still happens to this day. A lot of times they deliberately wake me up which is annoying. Other times, they just appear without wanting any interaction. Still at other times they are people who are alive and are astral travelling whilst they sleep. 

All this coincided with me becoming extremely physic. I found I just knew things without knowing how. I tried to secretly manage all this whilst holding down senior leadership roles within organisations.

I would like to say that being physic made me smart, but it didn’t. I had a major flaw of being extremely wilful and wanting to do things my way even when they were wrong. I would often go against my guide's advice and pay the price. You think I would learn from this, but I didn’t. My ego was just too big. 

Then about 20 years after my guides first appeared, they left. By this stage I had become so full of myself I just accepted it and moved on with my life. This unfortunately was where my life started to take a major downhill spiral.

I wouldn’t stay in a job any more than 12 months. Health and finances started to become impacted. I still found that I could achieve extraordinary results in my work. However, I became desperately unhappy, restless, and dissatisfied with my life. I decided to leave the corporate world and start my own business. Unfortunately this didn’t work as expected and I often faced massive roadblocks.

I didn’t realise it at the time but my ego and spiritual self were at war. Who would win was anyone's guess. 

This war raged for many years, and it is only now that I can say that my spiritual self has the upper hand. Although this is only the case because of my daily vigilance and awareness to stay centred in spirit rather than ego. As a result, my intuition and channelling skills have gone to a whole new level. I never cease to be amazed at what comes through. I have also found peace and happiness within, that the outside world no longer has the power to disturb.

Did my guides ever return? I am pleased to say they did, but not in their old role. They are now part of a much larger collective that are with me as I join more each day with soul mind.  

Jule Fuller Career Background 

Jule Fuller commenced her career as a management cadet with the large Sydney department store Grace Bros now Myers. This is where her thirst for results was born. Jule had a knack of creating increased sales performance for the various departments she managed. She had the ability to achieve number one status state wide for percentage increases in sales over the previous year. Jule eventually moved from retail department management into fashion buying where she became a successful fashion buyer for Grace Bros.

Jule left Grace Bros to pursue her first love of teaching and started teaching for the School of Business Studies at TAFE. From there she obtained a position as Head of the Special Programs Unit for TAFE Blacktown. One of the major sections she managed included employment training for unemployed youth aged between 16-24 years. The training programs obtained unprecedented levels of success with 84% of students either obtaining employment or going onto higher studies. The numbers where considered unprecedented due to the low socio economic demographics of the area and the fact that most of the students had failed the school system or put more accurately the school system had failed them.

Another highlight whilst working with TAFE was that Jule designed and implemented a Long Distance Education Program In Small Business Management for fashion students who lived in country regional areas. Most of the women had married young, had families and as a consequence had never worked. As a result of this their confidence in successfully completing a business management subject was extremely low. All their other subjects involved hands on dress making classes. These women proved that anything was possible by achieving the following results. 90% achieved A’s, 7% B’s and 3% C’s with no failures. To add credibility to these scores 50% of their final result consisted of an externally set exam.

Jule eventually left TAFE to return to the private sector as Learning and Development Manager for the large international duty free retailer DFS. Whilst there she changed the organisations view of training and development from training being a complete waste of time that nobody wanted to attend to managers and staff queuing up to attend training sessions. She also learnt accelerated learning techniques whilst there and would often take 3-4 day programs and reduce them to 1or 2 day programs with 100% knowledge transfer. One of Jule’s greatest achievements whilst there was to be the instructional design specialist for a worldwide company project on Japanese Language Training. Jule then trialled the program in Australia. In order to test that the training methodology worked, 8 staff members who had never been able to successfully learn conversational Japanese enrolled in a nine week program with six hours training per week. Participants were tested before and after the training and achieved an average test score after the nine week period 89.5%. This was truly remarkable as their base score at the beginning of the program was zero. Again Jule received more confirmation that all things were possible when the right design and facilitation principles where in place.

Jule moved on from DFS to set up her own company The Success Training Specialists and contracted for various organisations. During this time she again wanted to push the boundaries on possibilities and decided to write and publish her own book on the power of the mind. From the time she sat down to write the book to when it came back from the printers was precisely 2 months. To challenge herself further Jule did all the desk top publishing for a very graphical and interactive book when she was completely computer illiterate. As a totally unknown author with absolutely no contacts she then managed to sell the book to a number of small book stores in Sydney as well as Dymocks and the Australian Institute of Management. Jule used the concepts contained in the book to write, publish and sell the book.

After working for herself for a few years Jule returned to the corporate arena as state Learning and Development Manager for Westpac. She eventually moved on to become the National Training and Development Manager for Sales. Whilst in that role she designed and facilitated a mindset sales training program where consistently sales and referrals increase by nearly 300%. For example individual sales managers directly after attending the training increased their sales from 3.5 million a quarter to 11 million. Referrals increased from 28 a month to 90 a month. Also during her time at Westpac Jule designed and implemented a sales process which cut training time by 75% and increased strike rate and cross sales significantly.

After leaving Westpac Jule took up the role as Head of Learning and Development for Merrill Lynch Australia whilst there she saved the company $500,000 in yearly operational costs for their graduate recruitment program. This was achieved by changing both the recruitment and training process. This also resulted in a much more targeted and successful recruitment process.

After leaving Merrill Lynch Jule once again returned to her own business where she designed and implemented a company wide training evaluation system for the Commonwealth Bank. She also designed and implemented an online training program for new marine pilots for Sydney Ports Australia which reduced training and accreditation time by two thirds. This lead to her speaking at the Asia Pacific Pilotage Conference. Jule also project managed the design and implementation a series of e-Learning programs for Westpac when it decided to reposition its major product lines across both the consumer and business markets. At the end of the project the feedback was that it had set a new benchmark for e-learning within Westpac. Whilst working with JP Morgan Australia Jule redesigned their induction training and reduced training time from 12 days a quarter to 2 days and administration time from 6 days a quarter to 1 day.

Jule then studied how the brain works and leveraged its principles to create success strategies to help students and coaching clients to maximise their potential. Jule worked with a with a group of school teachers at Braddock Public School in Western Sydney and achieved the following results. Significant increase in Naplan results. Intellectually disabled students outperforming mainstream students in basic maths and spelling. A 96% reduction in children being sent to the reflection room for inappropriate and disruptive classroom behaviours. An 80% decrease in student suspension rates; students getting up and walking out of classroom reduced from 15% to 2%. Applications for teaching positions at the school went from zero to 33 after the implementation of the concepts. Before that no teachers would apply to work at the school. Reduction in both student and teacher absenteeism.

In 2020 Jule's passion of over 30 years of assisting people to realise their true potential led her to develop a cutting edge assessment profile called the Authentic Self Profile. 

Jule also has her own YouTube channel called MsThinkology - The Brain At Work which features a number of brain based video’s designed to show people how to unlock their brains potential. Currently the channel has over 30,000 subscribers and 4 million views. she has also just launch an additional YouTube channel Lead An Extraordinary Life.

In 2023 Jule decided to give up traditional coaching and honour her more mystical side. She now works with people helping them awaken their spiritual awareness and connect with source mind. She acts more as guide rather than a coach and describes it as follows.

Guidance sessions are different from coaching sessions. Jule will  guide and empower you to awaken your spiritual awareness and connection with source mind.  

In these group sessions Jule will facilitate using a mixture of channelling, intuition and activities. Each designed to help accelerate your connection to a higher consciousness. Jule has the ability to see where the greatest opportunities are for people to accelerate their spiritual awakening. This can save people years of frustration, pain and lack of progress. 

Jule relates working with clients to Michelangelo working on the statue of David. David exists within the marble. Michelangelo does not have to create David, only remove the excess marble preventing David from emerging. These guidance sessions do not aim to improve who you are. Instead they aim to remove the blockages preventing you from expressing the truth of who you really are. 

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