Do More With Less - Leading From The Inside Out

In 2020 Jule Fuller developed the Authentic Self Assessment Profile in response to the Covid crisis. She has spent the last two years developing and refining the profile with her coaching clients.

In 2022 Jule decided to specialise in leadership coaching due to the problems the post covid era has created for leaders and organisations. In 2021 alone, a staggering 47.4 million people across industries left behind long, underpaid hours and unfulfilling work. Now they’re rethinking what gets them up in the morning. During this phase of the pandemic, workers are trusting their value in the labor market, taking big risks, and demanding more from their current and future employers.

Today it is not other companies that organisations are in competition for talent but technology. Employees are leaving in droves to start their own businesses. Employees learnt during covid that technology allows them to run a business from anywhere in the world. SAAS companies are growing exponentially and giving people access to AI applications that allows them instant access to key marketing, systems and processes that circumvents the need for years of expertise.. Making it much easier and quicker to compete with large established organisations. 

Organisational leaders are finding most staff are not being replaced when they leave. This is placing enormous pressure on leaders and their teams. If there was ever a time for leaders to adopt a new leadership style it is now. A leadership model where everyone gets the opportunity to fulfil their true power, purpose and potential. Old leadership models are no longer working. However all is not lost. Covid has opened the door for a new leadership model which has the potential to: 20X employee performance and results. Dramatically increase employee retention and loyalty rates. Allow everyone to realise their potential and achieve fulfilling and meaningful work. This is the upside of Covid it is forcing leaders to adopt a leadership style that allows everyone to fulfil their authentic power, purpose and potential. Enter the new way of leading where everyone wins. 

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