This website represents the beginning of a vision and purpose that I believe is aligned to my life purpose. My business mission is to help create a world where every business supports it's employees to live their true potential and achieve their life purpose. 

If covid has taught us anything it is to look at our lives and ask. ‘What am I doing? Is this really how I want to be living my life?’ Every now and then a big event will occur that will allow you to start questioning why am I here? What is my purpose? 

The real problem lies in not asking the question but in taking the time to look within for the answers. Most lives are lived from one frantic moment to the next. There is no time for reflection. Only time to experience the fear that you have lost control of your life. You secretly fear you are no longer in control. You feel your life is being primarily controlled by outside circumstances. 

This is not helped by the fact that most people work in organisations that perpetuate this way of thinking. How do you get out of the ego mindset which is driven by fear and scarcity when you are working in it everyday. Everyday you are reminded that enough is not enough. More is expected and less is given in return. Nothing flows instead enormous energy is expended pushing at everything. Leading to high levels of stress and exhaustion. I believe organisations are the key to people living their potential and life purpose.

What if organisations used a different model. One where everyone gets to express their true potential and live their life purpose. This by its very nature would ensure the organisations success. There would be no need for organisations and its people to be ruled by fear. Instead success would just flow naturally. Everyone would be fuelled by the passion of doing what they love and are destined to do. By the very scientific laws of duality, love and fear and fear cannot occupy the same space at the same time.  Where love and passion exist fear and doubt cannot. 

Just think of increases in productivity that would occur. Organisations that adopted this model would instantly become successful. There would be no need to be ruled by an ego filled mind and push driven mentality. Employee performance and motivation would become a thing of the past. Everyone would be self motivated and driven by their own internal compass and passion. 

However as much as this makes sense I do think organisations will be embracing this operating model very soon. This is the reason I created this new coaching business. If I can assist enough people to create their own successful purpose driven business then the journey for achieving my vision begins. 

Imagine how it would feel getting out of bed each morning excited by all the possibilities that await you during your day. How would it feel working with others who are doing exactly the same thing. Can you imagine the energy that would be created inside your business. Can you imagine how that energy is going to transform the customer experience. 

Not only that how are you going to feel knowing that you have created a business where everyone in it experiences the joy of living their life purpose and passions. Imagine how this would translate to the wider community. To families, customers, community groups. 

For every coaching client that comes on board they become part of changing the way organisations operate. If enough people opt out of corporations and start their own purpose driven business. Then corporations will eventually be forced to change the way they treat their people. Instead of minimising potential they will develop the infrastructure to allow it to be fully realised.  

One of my favourite stories is about the man who was walking along the beach and observed another man throwing a star fish back into the ocean. As he observed this he thought what a waste of time as there were hundreds of star fish on the beach. When he got within ear shot of the man he said what sort of difference do you think you can make. There are literally hundreds of them. As the other man was throwing back a star fish into the ocean he commented. ‘Well I made a difference to that one’. 

That is pretty much how I feel about my vision for creating a world where everyday people get the opportunity to fulfil their potential and achieve their purpose. There has to be a starting point. Starting a purpose driven business is that starting point. For when we live our lives on purpose success just naturally follows. For every business that becomes a purpose driven business it is one step closer to creating a world which is fuelled by love not fear. Success not stress. Happiness not sadness. Community not ego. Passion not marking time. Excellence not mediocrity. Excitement not indifference. Endless possibilities not predictable outcomes. A life you can be proud of not one filled with unfulfilled dreams.