About Us

Our goal is to create a world where everyone gets to live their truth, purpose, power and potential. A world where everyday you get to express the truth of who you really are and live the life you were meant to live. Where at the end of every day you know you have turned up as the best version of yourself. Where everyday you continue to self actualize and bless the world with your light and authentic presence.

Currently we have 4 coaching services available that support achieving our goal. 

Lead A Purpose Driven Life

Lead A Purpose Driven Life is revolutionary 2 session coaching program designed to empower you to start living the life you were meant to live.

The coaching includes:

Identify your life purpose.

Set goals 5, 3 and 1 year that are aligned to your life purpose.

Create a step by step action plan to achieve your 1 year goal.

Create value drivers that are aligned to your life purpose.  

Learn a new, fast and simple visualization technique that fast tracks the achievement of your goals and life purpose 

Experience a very simple and quick process to identify and remove mental and emotional blockages preventing you from achieving your goal. This is a new and revolutionary behaviour change technique designed to accelerate your success.

Soul Coaching

Soul coaching empowers you to reclaim  the truth of who you really are. We offer four types of soul coaching including:

1. Clearing trapped emotional and mental blockages preventing you from living your purpose, power and potential.

2 Connecting you with your soul (higher) self .

3. Discover your inner mission. In this coaching session you will learn how you need to personally and spiritually evolve and take your rightful place in the world.

4. Intuitive guidance coaching. Suited to people who feel totally lost, stuck and confused. In this coaching session you will be guided as to what you can d

Authentic Self Profile Coaching

A one off coaching session where you get to understand how to advance your career and relationships through understanding your strengths and self sabotaging tendencies across eight life aspects including your Signature Personality. Higher Self Expression, Supporting Personality, Hidden Personality, Destiny and Spiritual Purpose, Lower Will and Key Traits To Be Mastered.

Growth Minded Leadership Coaching.

Our growth minded leadership coaching is our premium coaching service. It is for organisations who are ready to implement a leadership strategy that will self actualise the organisation and its people. it is designed to totally transform people, performance and results. Below is a link to a short video explaining  how it can transform your organisation.