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About Us

The concept of living in spiritual awareness and source mind consciousness was developed by Jule Fuller. It was created to give people a new way of living in the world. One where people had greater peace, love, clarity, purpose, meaning and less fear, anxiety and stress. It was especially created for those who feel they are being called to live a life with more meaning, purpose and authenticity. For those who are feeling unsettled and know they need to make changes but do not know how or where to begin. The nagging unsettling inner voice has reached a point where many people feel they can no longer ignore it. 

Jule's mission is to reconnect people with the truth of who they really are. That way they are able to stand in that truth and be less effected by external events. It also empowers them to find their unique place and purpose in the world. 

All services provided are grounded in simple practices that have already been proven to work. Jule believes in keeping everything simple and practical. That way they are easy to integrate into peoples often busy lifestyle. 

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