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Authentic Self Assessment Profile

Are you living up to your true potential? Do you feel diminished and minimised in your work and personal life? Is your life turning out to be all that you expected it to be? Does your work have real meaning and purpose? 

The truth is most people rarely fulfil their true purpose, power and potential. 

Why? Because it is so easy to get lost in the programming you received as a child. Did you know that your brain is in a fully hypnotic state between the ages of 0-6? And a semi hypnotic state from 6-12 years. You were programmed to believe from the day you were born what others told you. All your beliefs were shaped by the people and environments you were exposed to as a child. You became a by-product of other peoples self limiting projections. Not the truth of who you really are.

What if there was a simple way for you uncover your unique life purpose, power and potential? To learn the truth of who you really are. Well the good news is a new and exciting assessment tool has been developed to do just that. It is called the Authentic Self Assessment Profile.

What Is The Authentic Self Assessment Profile

Authentic Self Assessment Profile reveals the secrets to being your authentic self. It contains your unique blueprint on how to unleash your purpose, power and potential. Just as you have a unique fingerprint you also have a unique life blueprint. This blueprint is your personal roadmap on how you can achieve your life purpose and live an authentic life. Your life journey is unique to you. It is like no other. 

You cannot read a book on how someone else created success and happiness and expect that to work for you. Everyones journey is different. The secret to your success lies in living your unique and authentic footprint. You could say the profile represents your authentic book of life. On average each profile is approximately 90 pages long. Imagine having your very own book of life. Not someones else’s book but your own. 

Everything you need to discover the truth of who you really are as well as your unique life journey is contained within your Authentic Self Assessment Profile.

You need look no further for the answers you seek to fulfilling and unleashing your true purpose, power and potential.

What Does Your Profile Contain

Your profile outlines eight Authentic Life Aspects. These include:

Ruling Personality 

Your Ruling Personality is your dominant way of responding to and interacting with the world. It contains keys to unlocking your true power and potential

When not ruled by fear it becomes your X Factor for success. Your unique way of interacting with the world. Every time you express its character traits your true power and potential are released. Conversely every time you live in its shadow side true happiness and success remain elusive. 

Supporting Personality  

Whilst not as dominant as the Ruling Personality your Supporting Personality influences the way you relate to people and situations during its defined period of time. There are two Supporting Personality influences. The first occurs between the ages of 28 and 55 years of age. The second 56 years of age onwards. 

The role of the Supporting Personality is to aid and support your Ruling Personality. 


Your Destiny represents a major part of your life purpose. It combined with your Higher Path determines your full life’s purpose.

Hidden Personality  

You can up to three Hidden Personality Traits. The first occurs between the ages of birth and 27 years. The second between the ages of 28 and 55 years. The third 56 years of age onwards. 

Your Hidden Personality contains hidden character traits that can assist you to realise your potential and life purpose during their defined period of influence. They can either assist or impede your progress depending on how you interact with them. This will be determined by whether you release its gifts or live in the shadow side of its fear based behaviours.

Hidden Personality Traits can often remain hidden until you decide to activate their potential. The gifts contained within your Hidden Personality will not make itself known to you. You must seek them out and when you do the rewards can be great. Its influence can open up a whole new world of opportunities that would otherwise remain hidden. Conversely their shadow side can also remain hidden reaching out from the depths of your subconscious to unknowingly sabotage your life.

Higher Self Connection

Your Higher Self Connection represents the path to your higher self. When you express its power you will be aligned with that higher part of you. That all knowing self that guides your way to living your authentic and purposeful life. 

Lower Will

Your Lower Will represents that part of you that has a tendency to get trapped in specific Self Sabotaging and Fear Based Behaviours. It will often prevent you from living your true purpose, power and potential. 

Higher Path Archetype

Your Higher Path represents your higher calling. It paves the way to you fulfilling your life purpose. It is the path less traveled by most. This is because it demands that you dare to live authentically rather than be one of the crowd. When you combine your Higher Path and Destiny it illuminates your complete life purpose. 

Key Traits To Be Mastered

Key Traits To Be Mastered represent key character traits you will struggle to fully express in your life. This is because you are usually stuck in specific self sabotaging behaviours. If Key Traits To Be Mastered appear in your profile it is a sign that until you master these self sabotaging behaviours they will continue to block your path to success.

Personal Year

Your Personal Year represents what stage you are in during a nine year cycle. This will help you navigate where your focus needs be in any given year. Every nine years you begin a new nine cycle of opportunities based on the traits in your Authentic Life Profile. If you follow its guidance it will maximise your opportunities for success and living your true purpose and potential. 

Character Archetypes

Within these eight aspects lies specific Character Archetypes. You can have up to eight in your profile. There are eleven possible Archetypes including:

The Business Wizard

The Charismatic Communicator

The Channeller

The Creative

The Freedom Fighter

The Humanitarian

The Intuitive

The Intuitive Change Agent

The Intuitive Global Leader

The Resorative 

The Visionary Leader

Each Character Archetype contains

  1. Your authentic self character traits 
  2. Specific self sabotaging and fear based behaviours that prevent the full expression of your authentic self. The secret to living authentically does not involve trying to express your authentic self for that is who you naturally are. It lies in removing the self sabotaging and fear based behaviours that are blocking the natural expression of your authentic self.
  3. How a specific Archetype impacts both your personal and professional relationships. This can be a huge game changer. You have probably seen that the people who get ahead in their careers are not the smartest people but the ones who know how to develop good relationships with others.
  4. Specific action plans for unleashing your authentic self.

Is It Your Time To Invest In Your Future Success?

Your Authentic Self Assessment Profile will give you all the information you need to live the life you have always dreamed of but have not known how. Do not waste this opportunity to create your amazing and extraordinary life.

When you purchase the the profile you will receive a detailed personalised report. This report can be anywhere from 90 -100 pages. It is extremely comprehensive. 

Normally you would pay hundreds of dollars for such a unique and detailed report. However because I believe right now more and more people are trying to make sense of their lives. Are you one of the dissatisfied and disillusioned many who are seeking greater meaning and purpose in their life? This is why I am offering you your personalised Authentic Self Assessment Profile at a special introductory price of only $97 USD. 

Do not miss your opportunity to gain all the wisdom, insight and knowledge you need to start living your authentic life now. You have within your grasp the power to unleash your true purpose, power and potential. 

Next Steps

So if you are ready to start living your authentic life and make your unique mark on the world then read your next steps.

  1. The Authentic Self Assessment Profile is based on a numeric algorithm. This algorithm uses the full name you were given at birth and your date of birth. If you were adopted you will use your adopted name. It is by using this information that it makes the profile unique to you. It also means that it is different from other personality assessment tools. Personality assessment tools are based on your mindset at the time of completing the assessment. This usually means it changes over time as you change. Therefore it is not possible to get an accurate picture of who you truly are. Only one that reflects your conditioned mind at the time of completing the assessment. Because the Authentic Self Assessment Profile is based on your given name and date of birth it represents your unique Authentic Self and life journey. It is the only way to get an accurate assessment of your true Authentic Self. Any assessment tools where you answer questions are going to be biased by your conditioned childhood mind.

    I have been using this methodology over 30 years to predict personality traits and behaviours with 100% accuracy. Your true behaviours and life purpose do not change with time. They represent your unique gifts and life blueprint to enable you to successfully navigate your way through life.  
  2. Click the link below and you will be taken to our checkout. After you have made your purchase you will receive a note with your purchase order to email your date of birth and full name. When entering your date of birth please enter it as follows. Day first followed by month and year. It should look like this. 1st December 1995. Also make sure you enter your FULL name. Not just your first and last name, your married name or nicknames
  3. Once you submit your order it can take up to 2 business days to receive your personalised Authentic Self Assessment Profile. It will be sent to the email address you enter at the checkout. 

If you have any questions please contact

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