Rising Strong Together

Authentic Self Career Community Group 

The whole is more than the sum of its parts. We live in a world where we are taught to look out for ourselves. Everything is geared towards “I” thinking rather than “we” thinking. Studies have shown that groups always outperform individuals.

The world is changing and fear seems to be on the increase. In an increasingly fear based world adopting a “we” mentality is becoming more and more of a necessity. 


The Rising Strong Together Authentic Career Community Group aims to create a community forum. A forum aimed at creating a supportive community where everyone is encouraged to express their authentic self in their careers. A community where we support and serve each other to live our highest potential and achieve our life purpose.  


The forum is structured to maximise connectivity and support for each other. As a community member you will also be given tools and techniques to aid your authentic self development. Tools and techniques include daily inspiration and focus to keep you on track throughout the day. Monthly Q & A Webinars where you can ask any question in regard to growing your authentic self. The opportunity to share your wins and successes stories with others. The Activities Vault where you will find a range of interesting activities designed to help you grow your authentic self. A new activity is added to the Vault each week. A ‘Have Your Say’ section where you tell us what you need to assist your Authentic Self Journey. Then we will do our best to accomodate your request through articles and audio recordings. All community members will also receive 30% off all audio programs in our shop. The group also decides how they want the forum to function. Polls will be conducted to see what changes you want made to the forum structure and rules of engagement. If you want to see things added or deleted just let us know and we will conduct a poll and then make the changes based on what the group wants. 

In order to get the most out of this community forum if will have need have completed an Authentic Self Assessment Profile. Click the learn more button below to learn more about the Authentic Self Assessment Profile

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Register your interest by emailing us and we will let you know when we release the community forum

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