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Why Working Harder To Achieve Success Is All Wrong

Why Working Harder To Achieve Success Is All Wrong. 

Are you one of the many people who have a love hate relationship with the word success. You want it but at the same time you do not want the price tag that comes with it. Things like the constant pressure to achieve more; lack of time to spend with family and friends; feeling tired, stressed and at times powerless; increasing awareness that your need to control everything and everyone is now controlling you; concerned that you are feeling more and more anxious about the future. 

What if there is a way for you to achieve success without the stress and hard work. What if I told you somehow you have it all wrong and the truth is, you should not be chasing success it should be chasing you.  Success should not be difficult but a fun, easy, simple adventure into expressing the truth of who you really are.

At what point in your life did success go from being a fun game of tapping into your creativity and potential to a painful journey of trying to keep up with life? As child did you like to play games? Did you like to win? Most children do, but when they don’t they just happily move onto the next game, where they continue to express their endless belief in themselves and having fun. 

So when did the game of life shift from having fun realising your potential to a serious quest for survival? It happened the moment you went from playing in the moment to worrying about the future and letting the past inform the present. When you play in the present moment you become aware of the endless possibilities that not only exist within the game of life but more importantly within you. 

Have you ever stopped to think where your sense of who you are comes from? Do you believe you are an unlimited being free to pursue anything you desire or is your mind filled with fears and doubts. How many restricting beliefs (possibility killers) have you taken on during your lifetime? If you live in a democrat society you probably think you are free to pursue your dreams but are you really? What is the difference between a physical and mental prison? One tricks you into believing you are free. 

So before all this becomes totally depressing a question you can ask yourself is ‘do you want to break free of the mental prison so that success finds you, rather than you chasing it’? 

If you answered yes then read on. 

You are not free to live the life you want until you break free of the mental prison that is holding you hostage.

Are Your Beliefs Serving You Or Are You Serving Them?

Some years ago I developed a mind set training program for sales managers. Often the sales managers would come into the training session complaining about how the company was always increasing their sales targets. “What is the use” they would complain, “every time we meet our sales targets the company increases them. We are tired and burnt out from trying to achieve these constantly moving targets”. 

Who is to blame for this situation? The truth is limiting beliefs. The sales managers equated more sales with more work. That particular belief kept them trapped on struggle street. 

Through a series of experiential activities they began to see by changing their beliefs they could achieve what they previously thought to be impossible. The end result was they all tripled their sales whilst reducing their workload by 50%. Through changing their beliefs and attitudes they started to unlock their potential and success went from struggled street to easy street. 

When you fail to acknowledge that you have the power within you to change your life you will be like the sales managers who kept themselves trapped from success by blaming management. When you continue to put life and success outside yourself you will never unlock your potential because you are keeping yourself bound in a mental prison of your own making. 

Here is another popular belief “standing still is going backwards”? What are your beliefs on this? What if standing still allowed you the opportunity to realise that you are keeping yourself powerless by a bunch of outdated beliefs that you probably developed as a child? What if the truth is who you truly are is unlimited. What if standing still allowed you to realise this and reclaim your true power. 

Standing still allows you to stop, look within and question whether what you are really thinking is true. Stop and ask yourself is your everyday thinking based on expressing your true potential or societal conditioning? Do you really believe that you are using all your potential? Or do you secretly suspect that you have been conditioned to be so much less than you truly are. 

You may have been led to believe that success is out there in the world but the truth is it is within you. Standing still allows you to stop externalising and stand in your power because you are not allowing the outside world to rob you of it. This is why chasing success does not work. 

When you realise that success is within you. It is freed to just naturally be expressed through you.

5 Quick And Easy Ways To Attract Success


A Quick And Simple Way To Transform Limiting Beliefs

This first technique is powerful because it bypasses your brain's logical reasoning centre where your limiting beliefs exist and get reinforced every day. Your brain has no way of making sense of this technique therefore any existing limiting beliefs are unable to interfere with your success.

Take a few moments to sit quietly and imagine yourself to be made of just pure energy. See and feel your body to be this energy. Now see and feel the energy radiating brightly from you. What colour is it? Increase the intensity of this colour. Now see this energy pulsing and vibrating within you. Feel and sense your unlimited and inner power being awakened as the energy vibrates and pulses powerfully within you. Now imagine there is a dial where you can turn up the energy so that it pulses and vibrates even stronger allowing you to attract an endless stream of success. Stay with this feeling for a couple of minutes.

Return to a quantum state of energy to move beyond limiting beliefs


How To Attract Endless Opportunities For Success

When you awake each morning refuse to see a world you have created through your limiting beliefs and conditioning. Instead see a day of ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES! Do not allow your conditioned thinking to be possibility killers.


Two techniques to assist you with this are: 

1. Before sleep each night say "I join with infinite intelligence whilst I sleep to create a life where I always attract magic, miracles and amazing opportunities”. 

2. When you awake each morning say "this day is filled with magic, miracles and amazing opportunities and I seize each and every one of them".

Choose to become excited when you awake each morning knowing that your world is now a blank piece of canvas awaiting your strokes placed upon it. Refuse to buy into negative and limiting thoughts that try to convince you that your day will be filled with one problem after another. Choose to see success everywhere, not problems and obstacles. If negativity takes a hold repeat to yourself "this day is filled with magic, miracles and amazing opportunities and I seize each and every one of them".

Choose to create an amazing life by tapping into the endless possibilities that surround you everyday. 

Warning: Being a possibility killer will murder your dreams of untold success


Stop Reacting And Start Creating

The words react and create have the same letters just arranged differently. Each moment you have an opportunity to react to situations through your past conditioning or create an exciting new future. When something does not go as expected during your day do not reinforce your conditioning by reacting to it but change it by saying  “I choose to change my thinking and create the future I want.”

When your beliefs or others tells you something cannot be done say to yourself “why not” and just go for it. If all the great people throughout history like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Stephen Hawkins, Henry Ford had listened to limiting beliefs then nothing great would have ever been achieved. 

Start hanging out with possibility makers not possibility killers.


Get Out Of Stress And Into Success

Stress and anxiety are caused when you allow the past to inform the present and then project this onto the future. Every time you worry about something you are projecting limited negative thinking into the present moment and creating a self fulfilling prophesy. 

Who needs a crystal ball? What you think today creates tomorrow’s reality.

The only way to eliminate stress and anxiety in your life is to remain in the present moment. The present moment contains every possibility. Quantum physics tells us this with its wave theory. It states that at any one time all possibilities exist (through waves) and it is only when we place our focus on something that all the other waves wink out of existence. 

Therefore when something happens and you judge it to be bad any possibility that something good might happen ceases to become available. One way of stopping yourself doing this is to start training yourself to live in the present moment.

Here are two simple but powerful exercises to train yourself to start living in the present moment.

A. Take a walk and instead of allowing your mind to torture you with it’s endless chatter say to yourself ‘I choose to be in the present moment’. Continue to say this every time you realise that you are out of the present moment and into endless mind chatter. Do not worry if you find yourself continually chanting this affirmation as you walk, it is only natural at first. 

One of the interesting things that may occur is you suddenly start seeing things that you have never noticed before. This is because your preoccupied thinking is not keeping you blind to what is right before your eyes. You will also notice when you are focused in the present moment it is impossible to walk with your head down. Instead you find yourself automatically walking with your head held high. This is a beautiful analogy for life. When you are preoccupied with thoughts of the past and anxiety about the future it is like walking with your head down, you miss the opportunity to see life as it really is. 

Within a very short time of doing this activity you may find you start spending less time worrying and more time in the present moment, feeling grateful for the amazing opportunities life is constantly offering you. This activity can also be done with any form of exercise or mindless activity such as waiting in queues, appointments, gardening, housework etc.

B. When you have practised walking a few times in the moment try having a conversation with someone whilst remaining present. Use the same technique as with the walking, every time your mind begins to wander bring it back to the moment by saying ‘I choose to be in the present moment’. I won’t spoil the surprise of what happens to your relationships when you start doing this on a regular basis.

You are so much more than you have been led to believe. Every time you enter the now you SEE the TRUTH and your true potential is awakened……


Choose Differently

Each and every moment you have the power to choose differently. Start identifying the thoughts that kick you out of joy and happiness. Then make a decision as to whether you want to stay with these thoughts or change them to ones that bring you joy and happiness. No one can take away your power to choose differently. Whilst you continue to blame the external world for your life you will never reclaim your true power and potential to live the life you want. This may be one of the hardest things you will ever do but the rewards are a life full of endless possibilities for success, joy and happiness.

Try this activity - throughout your day stop and be still for a moment and ask yourself are your current thoughts leading to a future you want? If not then you have the power to choose differently and embrace the thoughts that give you the life you want. 

You may or may not of heard of something called the Bible Code. The Bible Code also known as the Torah code, is a purported set of secret messages encoded within the Hebrew text of the Torah. This hidden code has been described as a method by which specific letters from the text can be selected to reveal an otherwise obscured message. The Bible has been known to predict the assassination of the Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, the Gulf war, and comet collisions. It also seemed to have information about the Holocaust, various other assassinations like those of JFK and his brother Robert. Most of the messages have been found after the fact except for the assassination of the Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Apparently he had been warned on the day of his death not to attend a specific location where his death had been foretold in the bible. Unfortunately he ignored the advice and was assassinated as predicted.

Now one of the more interesting messages that can be found scattered frequently throughout the bible is “will you change it?”

Each and every moment throughout the day you have the power to change your thinking and therefore your life. The question is will you? 

So there you have it everything you need to start living a life where success finds you rather than you chasing it. Imagine a life where you feel energised and excited every day by the power to create a life that matches your true potential. No one controls your life but you and when you embrace this you reclaim your power to awaken your potential and live a remarkable life full of magic, miracles and amazing opportunities for success. 

   Success is for everyone who has the courage and audacity to believe in impossible dreams!

Why You Should Eat The World And How To Do It

Why You Should Eat The World & How To Do It. 

Is Success & Your Destiny Calling You?  

Success that small little word that has the power to drive you crazy. You want it but at the same time you have doubts about your ability to achieve it. Added to this you have this voice inside your head which finds the most inopportune times to whisper the words ‘you are destined for bigger things’.  “What the heck” you say to yourself the first time you hear this message. You never talk about this strange little voice as it fights to be heard over the loudness of self doubt. After all you cannot go around saying to people ‘I am destined for bigger things’. They would either think you have an over inflated ego or even scarier, challenge you to listen to the inner wisdom that is desperately trying to get your attention.  

The truth is this little voice is your ticket to success but the question is are you ready to ride it’s train?

Taylor Pearson in a recent article called Markets Are Eating The World discusses the concept of how the big software companies Like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook are eating the world. He proposes that these companies are successful because they make it possible for people to be successful. Their success is due to the fact that their products and services give others the opportunity for success. 

So how does this proven strategy for success relate to this inner voice that keeps calling you to step into your destiny? What do you think the chances are that each of the founders of the companies mentioned above had an inner voice inside their heads saying ‘you are destined for bigger things’? The difference between these people and the general population is that they listened to the inner voice.  They were not afraid to own and believe in their calling. Each one of these companies started with a tiny mad idea that propelled them to heed their calling and make a real difference in the world by helping others be successful. 

This thought is not new, many of the wisest masters have been saying this for centuries. Mohandas Gandi summed it up well when he said ‘the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”

Where does this wise inner voice come from and why does it exist? 

Why You Should Eat The World

The number one reason you should eat the world is because everyone holds a piece of the puzzle in advancing the world and everyone in it. Without you fulfilling your role the whole cannot be realised. It is not an over indulged ego that you know deep down you are destined for bigger things. The voice is not your imagination but the deep inner truth trying to reveal itself. 

Just imagine if people like Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Stephen Hawkins, Abraham Lincoln or Thomas Edison had decided to ignore the tiny voice of their calling and destiny. The world is a much better place because of these brave souls. Each of them had to fight hard to get their ideas out into the world. They demonstrated a determination build on a bedrock of persistence and self belief. 

Just as they helped advance the world so can you if you are prepared to heed the tiny voice within that is demanding you rise up and claim your calling. Remember you provide a piece of the puzzle and without you the whole cannot be realised. If you doubt the truth of this then make a decision to stop ignoring the tiny inner voice and see what happens. 

What Is My Calling?

This is the question that many people struggle with. The struggle is a result of the fact that you do not believe the inner voice or feelings when it says you are destined for bigger things. In order for it to reveal your destiny you firstly need to accept that you are destined for bigger things. What this voice is really saying is stop playing small and reclaim the truth of who you really are. 

What Happens When You Continue To Ignore Your Calling

What happens when you continue to push the calling down but at the same time you feel driven to succeed. This is where the love hate relationship with success comes from. You find you have some wins but nothing that is truly lasting or brings you complete joy and happiness. Then one day you find your career stalls, your relationships fall apart or you develop a health crisis. Are these just random events or is it the tiny inner voice rising up to get your attention? After all on one hand you are pushing for success and on the other you are ignoring the true reason behind wanting success. 

All of these events are designed to disrupt your life so that you stop and align your need for success with your calling. These disruptors are a sign that it is your time to stand in the truth of who you really are. 

The good new is that you do not have to find your calling. It will find you when you stop, accept and listen. Your calling is not something that is out there. It is sitting within you just waiting to be heard and realised.

Your Calling Is Your Why Statement - The Power Of Why

Simon Sinek in his best selling book Start With The Why talks about the power of understanding your why. “Sinek starts with a fundamental question: Why are some people and organizations more innovative, more influential, and more profitable than others? Why do some command greater loyalty from customers and employees alike? Even among the successful, why are so few able to repeat their success over and over? People like Martin Luther King Jr., Steve Jobs, and the Wright Brothers had little in common, but they all started with WHY”

The most powerful why you will ever have is the why behind your existence. Why are you here? What happens when you have the courage to hear and follow your calling? Success just naturally occurs because it is what you are meant to be doing with your life. Nothing has the power to deny success to your calling except you. 

How To Eat The World

Now that you understand why the world needs you to eat it, you can now begin your journey of eating the world. Here are some strategies to assist you with this. 

1. Own You

Before you can eat the world and serve others you need to commit to not playing small anymore. The small inner voice of wisdom wants you to acknowledge that you are so much more than you think you are. When it whispers ‘you are destined for bigger things’ do not ignore it. At first you may not fully believe it and that is okay but do not discard it. 

A wise women once said to me “Jule when you do not agree with something instead of discarding it just place it to one side. If that same message comes back 3 times then accept that this message is meant for you” I cannot tell you how much those words changed my life. I was amazed at how often the same message would come back at least 3 times. 

Just because something bumps up against your existing beliefs does not make it wrong. The only way you get to grow and evolve into the truth of who you really are is to move past your limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are beliefs that put boundaries around the possibilities that exist in the world. When you limit possibilities it is extremely difficult to the seize the opportunities your inner wisdom is constantly sending you.

2. Develop A Mantra To Keep You On Track

Develop a mantra or use the one below to keep you on track when your limiting beliefs and inner critic try to keep you small. Say it every time you struggle to believe you have a destiny that needs to be honoured. Say it with conviction and let nothing deter you from your calling.

‘I choose to honour my calling and I allow my inner voice of wisdom to guide my way.’

3. Take Time Out To Listen To Your Inner Voice Of Wisdom

Take time out each day to stop and be still. Even if it is only 5 minutes. If you are not up to sitting and quietening your mind then go and spend 5 minutes just sitting in nature and appreciating its natural beauty.

4. Look Out For Signs

When you start to acknowledge that maybe you are destined for bigger things be on the look out for confirmation that your destiny is calling you. The only to see the signs is to start actively looking for them. Your inner wisdom and intelligence is constantly sending you messages. The reason you cannot see them is because you are looking through the eyes of your social conditioning and limiting beliefs. You need to believe that it is your time to start living your calling. When you do this suddenly you will start to see all the sign post’s that are there to guide your way. The sign posts can be people, books, movies, unusual situations. 

5. Ask Yourself The Question What Am I Most Afraid To Do?

Chances are this will provide the greatest clue as to where your calling resides. Ask yourself why and what are you afraid of? Is it going to cause you physical harm? If not then it is just a limiting belief that is ruling your life and keeping you blind to your destiny. Is that really how you want to live your life by handing over your true power to a bunch of outdated thoughts that were probably never yours to begin with. Most of your beliefs were formed listening to and believing what others have told you is true. Ask yourself what have you always wanted to do but never had the courage to do.

Most people have an inkling as to what is that they need to be doing with their life. If nothing comes to mind it is usually because the little voice has been shouted down so often that it can no longer be heard amongst the doubt and critical thinking. If this is the case you can silence the inner critic by refusing to accept and listen to its messages. Instead make a pact with yourself that you will only heed the words of your inner voice of wisdom. If you inner voice is not loving, encouraging, inspiring  and supportive then it is not your true inner voice. For strategies on how to defeat the inner critic and live your potential read The Number 1 Reason You Are Not Achieving Your Goals. 

6. Start Small - Take Bit Size Chunks

Take one small action everyday that leads you in the direction of living your calling. It could be using any of the suggestions listed here. When you know what your calling is, test your ideas and skills on friends and family first. Get feedback and make changes to refine your products or services until you know that it is pretty darn awesome.

The most important thing is you take one small action everyday. This is doable and eliminates the need for excuses that your inner critic and limiting beliefs like to feed you. Write a sign on a post it which says NO EXCUSES! and place it somewhere you will see it everyday. 

7. Watch Out For Self Sabotage

Often when success starts knocking on your door you need to be mindful of self sabotage. This can be evidenced by signs of procrastination, negative thoughts and feelings such as fear, self doubt, anger, frustration, impatience, blaming others. These behaviours, thoughts and feelings will cause you to take your eye off the goal eventually leading to stagnation. The moment you take your eye off the goal you will start to lose your way. One way to prevent this from happening is to return to your why or calling. Ask yourself can you justify giving into your fears and robbing the world of what you came here to do.

We can all make up reasons to justify negative thoughts and feelings but the truth is they will only take you off track. The most common one is blaming others. This is such a goal killer. 

As stated previously there will always be opportunities for excuses. Maybe it is time to ask yourself if want to be held hostage to your fears and excuses. By saying no you take the first step in defeating the unconscious self sabotage that can derail your success.

8. Don’t Stop Believing In Your Calling - Giving Up Is Not An Option

There will be endless opportunities for you to quit your quest to live your calling. Everyone who has ever contributed towards the evolvement of the world has meet with obstacles. All the greatest achievements came about through dogged determination and persistence. Giving up is not an option and when you don’t you will receive support in the most unlikely ways. Your determination and persistence does not go unnoticed by the unseen forces. This is when you need to be vigilant for signs. They are always around you just need to be watchful for them. For example when something isn’t working let go and allow the forces of you inner wisdom to show you the way. 

You have probably already experienced the power of letting go. Maybe you were trying to remember something and when you let go of trying to remember, it suddenly popped into your mind. The same principle applies with finding and living your calling. It will find you, if you let go and allow it to. Trust that if you are committed to living your calling it will find you.

9. Hang Out With Like Minded People

Form a support group where each of you supports the another to own their destiny. It does not have to be face to face. These days apps such as FaceTime and Skype allow you to connect with people remotely.

You are the only one who can honour your calling. Success no longer has to be that little word that drives you crazy but a reminder that you are destined for bigger things. Is there something within you that knows on some level that the words contained in this article are true. Is success and your destiny calling you? If so please take one small step now to honouring your calling because without you the whole cannot be realised. 

The No 1 Reason You Are Not Achieving Your Goals

The No 1 Reason Why You Are Not Achieving Your Goals. 

You have a dream that you desperately want to make a reality. You want it badly and you are prepared to put in the time and effort to make it happen. 

Every morning you arise early to spend time visualising your goal. Again you are dedicated and your commitment does not waver. After few months of doing this you start to become a little disheartened as nothing appears to be changing. You begin to wonder what is going on. ‘What am I doing wrong’, you ask yourself. ‘Why is nothing happening’ you cry out in despair. 

Everything you are doing is suppose to work you think frustratingly. Your thoughts start drifting and you begin comparing yourself with others and you mutter ‘Isn’t visualising your goal the number one technique for goal achievement. Elite sport stars use it and it works for them so why isn’t it working for me.’ It is at this point that you start to doubt yourself because you do not understand why other people can achieve their goals and you can’t. After a while you start to believe that your dream will remain just a dream, and you return to living a plain and ordinary life.

This is a common scenario in many peoples lives but it does not have to be yours. You can achieve your dreams you just need to discover the missing piece of the puzzle. 

The Psychology of Goal Achievement

In order to acquire something you need to firstly see yourself owning it. For example you need a new TV so you go shopping with the intention of owning a new TV. Since you know what you want, you go to the right stores where you can easily find plenty of TV’s to choose from. You purchase the one you want and now you are the proud owner of a new TV. 

You would never have purchased the TV had you not envisioned yourself owning it. If you say to yourself ‘I would like a new TV’, the reality is you may or may not buy one. You only purchase it when you have made up your mind to own it and have started visioning what it would look and feel like to be the proud owner of a new TV. For example you might imagine where you are going to put it, what shows you are going watch, how close to the action you will be with sport and documentaries. You see all of these things in your minds eye first. Test this out for yourself next time you decide to purchase something. 

It is the same with your goals you need to see yourself owning your dream. It is not enough to just visualise it you must see yourself owning it. For example let’s say there is great high profile job you want. In order to have this you need to believe and see yourself owning it by saying something like ‘this job is mine’ or ‘I own this it has my name written all over it.’ You would say this with the same certainty you have that the sun is going to rise and set everyday. You do not doubt fo a minute that it is going to happen. 

Therefore the first essential step in manifesting your goal is to OWN it. You must see, believe and know without a shadow of a doubt that it is already yours. 

Yes But……….

Your next catch cry might be ‘yes but how do I own it’? Sounds simple enough on paper however thoughts of doubt quickly enter your head with statements of ‘I have no idea how to see and and believe that my goal is already mine. Right now it just appears a pipe dream.’ 

True enough! Creating feelings of ownership can be difficult if the missing piece of the puzzle remains a mystery. 

Let’s return to the example of getting that high profile job. You try to create ownership by seeing yourself in your new office sitting at a large beautifully polished wooden desk admiring the beautiful artwork on the wall. You have a separate table and chairs located in the middle of the room for meetings. Your assistant sits outside your office waiting to help you in any way that they can. All good but….

The problem is every time you go to visualise this scene you feel resistance. It does not feel comfortable and you struggle to hold the vision. This evidenced by your reluctance to do your daily visualising and you find yourself either forcing yourself to do it or finding excuses not to do it. 

The Missing Piece

The secret to goal achievement is understanding that in order to own something you must feel deserving or worthy of having it. This deservedness or worthiness is referred to as self worth. 

Your level of self worth is evidenced by your feelings of resistance, discomfort or fear that your goal will not be realised. Why would you feel uncomfortable or resistant to having something you really want? It does not make sense. The only reason you would experience these feelings is if somewhere on an unconscious level your sense of self worth is preventing you having what you want. Sounds crazy but if you think about it, your sense of self worth governs not only what you can do but also what you can have. 

You may be wondering at this point how self worth is created? It is created by your thoughts and beliefs. It is that simple. What is not so simple is how your thoughts and beliefs were shaped by societal norms and other people. For example arrogance is frowned upon in society and yet you need a certain amount of seemly arrogant behaviours in order to achieve big dreams.

Many high achievers can mistakenly be seen as arrogant, however do not mistake confidence and single minded belief in their goal for arrogance. There is a big difference. Knowing that something is rightfully yours and not listening when others try to keep you small, is not arrogance it is a measure of your self worth. Some people deliberately keep themselves small because they do not want to be criticised, envied or disliked by others. Others people keep themselves small because they have been conditioned to believe it is the godly thing to do. Every one has the right to stand tall and live the life they truly want. 

Moving beyond limiting self beliefs is essential for your true happiness. Denying yourself the opportunity to an incredible and amazing life is not helping anyone especially yourself. Providing you do not harm, judge or criticise others you have ever right to elevate yourself to the highest levels of attainment. In fact it is the only way you can ever truly support the evolvement of humankind. Everyone has their role to fulfil in this world and if you fail to fulfil yours the whole cannot be realised. 

Think about the people throughout history who went out on a limb and elevated themselves above mass thinking and as a result changed the lives of countless people. Everyone needs to own their dreams and in doing so inspire, elevate and create a pathways for others to achieve theirs. 

Sometimes it is hard to break free of self limiting beliefs because the recognition of keeping yourself small is out of your conscious awareness. The only way to know whether your life is being ruled by limiting beliefs is to ask the question ‘do I find it easy to achieve my goals and live the life I want?’

Your Balance Sheet

A good analogy for understanding and increasing your self worth is to think of a business balance sheet. When a business owner wants to know how their business is performing one key indicator is a balance sheet. Basically a balance sheet shows everything that the business owns which are called assets and what the business owes known as liabilities. The difference between the two is referred to as the businesses net worth. In order for the business to have a positive net worth the assets need to outweigh the liabilities. 

We can use the same principle to create a personal balance sheet. In your personal balance sheet your assets are all your positive self affirming thoughts and your liabilities are all your negative self limiting thoughts. The difference between the two is your self worth. 

You cannot go around berating yourself 24/7 and expect to have high self worth. Every time you have positive self affirming thoughts you add to your assets. Every time you have negative self limiting thoughts you add to your liabilities. If you have more negative self limiting thoughts than positive self affirming thoughts you will have low self worth. 

Therefore in order to build your assets and self worth you need to increase positive self affirming thoughts and reduce negative self limiting thoughts. 

Think of it like a bank account where you are constantly making deposits and withdrawals. If you make too many withdrawals you will deplete your assets placing you in debt and making it impossible to afford to own your dreams and goals. 

Now might be a good time to ask yourself what does your personal balance sheet look like? In order to answer this question you need to become aware of the number of positive self affirming thoughts you have on a daily basis compared to the number of negative self limiting thoughts. Ask yourself ‘how many deposits do I make in a day compared to withdrawals’? ‘Am I asset rich or in debt poor?’ Becoming aware of your thoughts is the first step. 

Real wealth building isn’t about about how much money you have in the bank it is realising that you are your greatest asset. Everyday you need to build that asset by investing in positive self affirming thoughts and reducing negative self limiting thoughts. 

Techniques For Building Your Assets and Self Worth

1. Replace Every Withdrawal With A Deposit                                                                                                                                       

Every time you have a negative self limiting thought replace it with a positive self affirming thought. Thoughts that bring you joy and happiness are perfect for doing this. Although it will not increase your personal worth it will prevent you from getting further into debt. Literally you CANNOT AFFORD THE LUXURY OF A NEGATIVE THOUGHT!

2. Fully Accept Compliments And Praise                                                                                                                                  

Every time you refuse to fully accept compliments and praise it is akin to rejecting deposits into your account. If the bank deposited $2000 into your account would you turn around and say ‘no thanks’? Always say thank you and acknowledge the compliment or praise so that it gets deposited into your account. 

3. Graciously Accept Gifts And Acts Of Generosity                                                                                                               

Similar to not accepting compliments and praise. Building your assets is essential if you are to build your self worth and achieve your dreams. Be careful not to squander valuable opportunities to build your assets and reduce debt.   

4. Congratulate And Praise Yourself                                                                                                                                    

Every night just before sleep review your day and congratulate yourself on all the things you did well today. This is essential for quickly building your self worth. It does not matter how small the action or behaviour is. Just make sure you acknowledge everything because it will start training your brain to focus on the things you do well rather than what you are not doing well. Many people are so busy berating themselves (depleting your asset account big time) that when asked to do this they struggle. Start off looking at the smallest thing. It could be smiling at someone. You might not think that is worth much but to the other person it may be priceless or life changing. There are so many things you do well each day and it is time to start acknowledging them so that you can build your self worth and start living the life you want. 

5. Gratitude                                                                                                                                                                                              

It goes without saying that gratitude is the simplest way to attract good fortune. Having an attitude of gratitude will go a long way towards building your asset bank.

6. Love The Heck Out Of Everyone And Everything                                                                                                               

Have you ever met anyone who was truly successful who goes around bitching and complaining about every one and every thing. Tying up your thinking with negative thoughts about people and situations is the quickest way to become bankrupt. It is not much good implementing the other strategies listed above, if you are going to hold onto grudges and grievances. Not only is it adding to your liabilities it is also taking up valuable thinking time that could be used to focus on what you want. Is a person or situation really worth the price of your dreams? Letting go of your grudges and grievances may be one of the hardest things you ever do but I can guarantee it will be one of the greatest investments you make in you and your life. 

7. Take Time To Ensure Your Needs Are Met                                                                                                                                  

It is a sure tale sign if you are putting everyones else’s needs before your own that your personal net worth is low or in debt. Take time to identify your top five needs and then commit to ensuring they are met on a regular basis. A good way to identify your top needs is to ask the question ‘what is important to me’  

8. Check Your Balance Daily                                                                                                                                                     

Want to know whether you are going to achieve your goals? Get into the habit of checking your personal balance sheet daily. If you feel total ownership of your goal by knowing it is already yours then you have a very healthy balance sheet. If on the other hand you feel uncomfortable, fearful or resistant then continue to build your assets. The feeling of ownership should feel exactly the same as if you were going out to purchase a TV. You know it is already yours. 

So don’t be reckless with your biggest asset YOU!. Look after you by developing the daily habit of building your personal assets so that no longer will you be one of the many who feels frustrated, confused, disillusioned, angry, upset and willing to give up on their dreams. You can have want you want so long as everyday you are advocating for you. Are you willing to do this? The one thing you have complete control over is your choice of thoughts.

Are you ready to go from ordinary to extraordinary? The choice is yours.