Rising Strong Together 

Create Your Own Authentic Business Forum

Is This You

This community forum is primarily aimed at people who are looking to leave their corporate jobs in search of a life which has greater meaning, purpose and happiness. 

It will suit people who answer yes to any of the following questions.

Fed up being controlled by work cultures that breed insecurity, backbiting and ridiculous time bound goals? Tired of working in environments where everyday you feel like you are selling your soul. Where your work has lost real meaning and purpose. Do you feel like you and work is constantly being diminished and minimised? Do you want to create a work environment where everyday the authentic you is fully expressed? Where you get to make that difference in the world that you secretly crave. Where everyday you are excited by the unlimited possibilities that exist. Possibilities that you constantly turn into extraordinary realities. 

Forum Purpose

The forum offers safe space to find, launch and maintain a business that honours your Authentic Self. Dare To Create Your Own Authentic Work Place. The whole is more than the sum of its parts. We live in a world where we are taught to look out for ourselves. Everything is geared towards “I” thinking rather than “we” thinking. Studies have shown that groups always outperform individuals.

The forum is structured to maximise connectivity and support for each other. Something that is lacking in our current fear based society. A community where we support and serve each other to live our highest potential and achieve our life purpose.


As a community member you will also be given tools and techniques to aid the development of your Authentic Self and your business. Tools and techniques include a daily mental focus to keep you on track with bringing your Authentic Self to the business world. Monthly Q & A Webinars where you can ask any question in regard to growing your Authentic Self and your business. Bi Monthly Online Learning Event. Let us know what you would like to learn and we will do our best to organise a webinar on that topic. Please be advised that topics that are based on information related to specific countries such as taxes and accounting will not be covered. However we will do our best to source appropriate articles on that topic for you. The opportunity to share your wins and success stories with others. The opportunity to use the group as a sounding board for business concepts and ideas. A special directory where you can post your products and services so that other community members have the option of using these services.  A ‘Have Your Say’ section where you tell us what you need to assist you in your Authentic Business Journey. Then we will do our best to accomodate your request through articles and audio recordings. All community members will also receive 30% off all audio programs in our shop. The group also decides how they want the forum the function. Polls will be conducted to see what changes you want made to the forum structure and rules of engagement. If you want to see things added or deleted just let us know and we will conduct a poll and then make the changes based on what the group wants. 

In order to join this community group you will have access to your Authentic Self Assessment Profile. Click the learn more button below to learn more about the Authentic Self Assessment Profile 

Coming Soon 

Register your interest by emailing us and we will let you know when we release the community forum

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