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Growth Minded Parenting - Parents As Leaders 

Building on Growth Minded Leadership model our parenting online training and coaching programs synergises the aspects of self actualisation, neuroscience, talents profiling and family dynamics to revolutionise and simplify the parenting process to enable all family members to realise their full potential and live happy, successful and fulfilling lives. It is a simple parenting model aimed at making parenting easier, simpler, less stressful whilst increasing parenting confidence.

It uses the three fold strategy of: 

GML Parenting Diagram

Grow Yourself (Parent)

Grow yourself as a parent with our unique talent profiling tool (Authentic Self Profile) and the self actualisation process.

 Grow Your Child

Grow your children with our unique talent profiling tool, self actualisation process and the power of neuroscience

Grow Your Family

Grow your family into a strong, supportive and cohesive team that brings out the best in each other through our unique family dynamics model. 

The Growth Minded Parenting  - Parents As Leaders Program impacts the family in the following 6 ways

GML Parent Diagram Impact

Relationship Management

How much easier would your life be in you had an in depth knowledge of your partner’s and child’s motivations, talents, fears and self sabotaging behaviours. With out unique talents profiling tool Growth Minded Parenting - Parents As Leaders Program equips you with all the knowledge you skills needed to create positive, harmonious and growth based relationships with all family members.  

Individual Peak Performance

Through our talents profiling tool all family members get to understand their unique talents and how to leverage them to realise their true potential and create a happy and rewarding life. Children’s academic performance is also significantly increased through the programs neuroscience concepts and techniques. As a parent you get to guide not only your children's life in the direction which will ensure their greatest success and happiness but also your own. For a family to be truly happy everyone needs to realise their potential and live the life they were meant to live.

Family Dynamics

As a parent not only do you need to manage your relationships with your partner and children but you also need to manage the relationships that each family member has with each other. When you bring together a group of people conflict usually ensues. This conflict is usually greater in families because of the emotional attachments that exist within the family dynamic. Parents often try to unsuccessfully manage this family dynamic leaving them stressed, drained and exhausted. 

The Growth Minded Parenting - Parents As Leaders Program works on the principle of growth. So instead of trying to prevent conflicts parents can use them as an opportunity for individual growth. With the assistance of the Authentic Self Profiling Tool parents will understand why the conflict occurs and how they can use it as an opportunity for self growth for both themselves and the child. 

Child Development

As a parent you want the best for your child and see them succeed. However often it can be confusing as to the best way to do this. With our unique talents profiling tool you will be given the means to not only understand your child's unique talents but also their life purpose. This will make it easier to guide your child’s development into areas that matches their talents and purpose. Think of all the time, frustration, failure and unhappiness this will save your child in the future. 

Behavioural Management

One of the most difficult parts of a parent's role is managing their child’s inappropriate behaviours. Growth Minded Parenting  Parents As Leaders Program makes this process a whole lot easier. Through the power of neuroscience, talents profiling and our self actualisation process you will learn motivation and influencing techniques that will have your child rebelling less and cooperating more. Each child is unique and when you use the wrong strategies with your child they will naturally resist you. By using the right strategies with each child parenting suddenly becomes much easier, enjoyable and less stressful.

Family Rules and Culture

Every family has its own set of rules to try and maintain order in the household. But where do these rules come from and more importantly are they helping or hindering? The Growth Minded Leadership model encourages a growth minded culture. Before any rules are implemented they need to show how it will grow the the parents, the child and the family.

For example let's say you have a rule that your child can only spend 1 hour on their iPad everyday. That would sound reasonable as it would allow the child to develop their critical thinking and technology skills provided they were playing non violent games. 

If however you had a rule that your child was never allowed to play any games on their iPad would this be helping your child to grow? Games are a wonderful way of developing your child’s strategic thinking. Also the child becomes more adept with handling technology. A must in todays world.

Alternatively if parents allow their children to spend most of their time on their iPads is this allowing for the child’s full growth and development?Children constantly glued to their electronic devices can fail to develop much needed interpersonal and social skills. A requirement for a successful and happy life. 

Often family rules are the byproduct of the parents fears, conditioning and preconceived ideas. By creating a family culture grounded in growth and development parents have the opportunity to examine their beliefs to see whether they are helping or hindering their child’s development.  

Growth Minded Parenting - Parents As Leaders

Program Outline

Module One

Grow Yourself As A Parent

Through our unique Authentic Self Profiling Tool you will be able understand your talents, purpose and self sabotaging behaviours. This will have two major benefits. Firstly growing yourself. Secondly understanding why conflicts occur with individual family members. Taking the time to grow yourself first as an individual is paramount to be coming a good parent. You cannot give what you do not have. Your child will mirror your emotions. If you are not happy and fulfilled neither will they be. Every family member needs to be able to grow into the best version of themselves and realise their full potential. Somewhere along the line parents developed the self sacrificing mentality and forgot to ensure that their needs are met without guilt. For when everyone’s true needs are met there is less stress and more time to enjoy the family. 

Understanding And Relating To Your Partner.

Once you understand yourself as a parent it is time to sit down with your partner compare your Authentic Self Profiles. This will highlight where conflicts exist, empowering each of you to grow and evolve beyond your differences. Not only will the parents benefit from this but the child will not be negatively impacted by parental conflicts. 

Understanding And Relating To Your Child

Parents learn to understand each of their child’s profiles and how their profiles impact their child’s growth, behaviours and relationships. 

Module 2

Grow Your Child

How to guide your child to develop their talent’s

How to create a pathway for your child’s life purpose.

How to guide your child to minimise their self sabotaging behaviours

How to empower your child to achieve peak educational performance through the power of neuroscience. The concepts included in this module have been tested and are proved to increase academic performance and minimise behavioural issues.  

Module 3

Grow Your Family

Once the parent understands how to grow, motivate and relate more effectively to  themselves, partner and their children it is time to grow the family into a fully functional and dynamic team. 

Parents will have the opportunity to understand how each individual family member plays off against each other causing a breakdowns in communication, behaviours and achievement.

Parents will learn how to manage these dysfunctions and create a strong family unit where each allows the other to realise their full potential. It is known in psychology circles that our ability to achieve happiness, success and peace stems from our early years and family relationships. With Parents As Leaders Program you will be empowered to create a strong foundation so that your child is not bound by family dysfunction and easily flourishes in the world. 

Parents As Leaders Who Is It For

Who Is Growth Minded Parenting - Parents As Leaders Program For?

Parents who have children aged between 0-18 years old

Parents who are looking to ensure their families happiness and success

Parents who what to ensure their child reaches their highest potential

Parents who what reduce parenting stress and uncertainty

Parents who are willing to change,  grow and evolve

Parents looking to understand their child's talents , purpose and self sabotaging behaviours

Parents looking for a simpler and easier way to parent

Parents who are looking to create a better world for their children

Online Training Options

Outlined below are three purchase options depending upon your needs. All options include up to four family profiles. Additional ones can be purchased for $75. All profiles must be for immediate family members only.


Silver Package

The silver package includes all training materials and resources contained in the online training program.

$497 USD


Gold Package

The gold package includes all training materials and resources contained in the online training program plus a 12 month subscription to monthly live Q&A sessions.

$897 USD


Platinum Package

The silver package includes all training materials and resources contained in the online training program plus 6 private coaching sessions.

$3500 USD

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