Guided Visualization – Stop Being Impacted By Negativity

This guided visualization will empower empaths and people with sensitive personalities to thrive around negative people and environments. Instead of the world impacting on you and derailing both your personal and professional life. You will be able to fulfil your purpose and potential. No longer will you be at the mercy of the world but instead its creator. The visualization will guide you through the steps to not only transform your life but the lives of the people around you.

This guided visualization was created to make implementing the techniques discussed in the video Using The Brain To Thrive As An Empath And Sensitive Personality simple and easy. To understand the science behind why this technique is so powerful please watch that video using the following link.

Jule Fuller

Jule Fuller loves to challenge the status quo in both herself and others. She believes that we all have unlimited power and potential the trick is accessing that. Jule has worked with sales teams to triple sales and referral rates and clients to become multi millionaires.

Jule loves to push the boundaries on possibilities and does this with her deep knowledge and understanding of the brain, mind, change and transformation strategies.

Her coaching style is empowering, intuitive and seeks to transform the way people think about themselves. She loves taking people on a transformational journey to discover new possibilities and opportunities.

In her speaking Jule vast knowledge in the fields of brain and mind science are designed to open the minds of groups or organisations to transform the way they think and operate. Jule will not allow you to remain small. 

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