Looking For A Way To Motivate And Inspire Your Group To Next Level Success? 

Transforming People Through The Use Of Story Telling And Neuroscience To Unleash Their Hidden Power And Potential.

Jule has a rich history of real life examples in expanding peoples thinking and empowering them to achieve next level results. Her talks aim to transform the way people see themselves and their lives propelling them to own their power and unleash their potential. 



Speaking Topics


Performance & Results

Looking to increase performance and results? There are a number of talks you can choose from. Or let me know what specific problems you have and I can tailor a talk to met your specific needs. 


THE FOOLPROOF SALES PROCESS: What if there is a sales process that could have you closing the sale, even before you introduced your product or service? In this talk I will introduce a sales process that is not only foolproof but is quick, easy and simple to implement.

Who Is It For? It is perfect for sales teams who are struggling to close the sale.


GOAL ACHIEVEMENT MADE SIMPLE: In this talk you will be introduced to a new and improved way to visualise and manifest your goals. It is quick. simple and time effective.

Who Is It For? People looking to improve their performance and results quickly.


YOUR SECRET HIDDEN POWER REVEALED:  In this talk you will be introduced to a concept from neuroscience called mirror neurons. At the end of the talk your secret superpower will be revealed allowing you to change the lives of others in truly miraculous ways.

Who is this for? Leaders, parents, teachers who want to ensure that their team members, children and students achieve extraordinary results.


THE POWER OF FOCUS. In this talk you will introduced to a concept from neuroscience called the Reticular Activating System. At the end of this talk you will be able to magically draw to you what you focus on.

Who is this for? People looking for new and creative ways to improve their performance and results.


THE BRAIN IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. In this talk you will how your brain keeps you stuck and continually sets you up for failure. Empowering you to move beyond its limitations and catapulting you to extraordinary levels of success.

Who is this for? People looking to unleash their true power and potential and take themselves, their work and career to unimaginable heights of success. 


Communication, Relationships  & Influence

Are poor relationships, conflict and lack of influence negatively impacting your stress levels. performance and productivity? In this series of talks you will learn how the way your brain filters information can lead to all sorts of communication and relationship dysfunctions. 

If you have communication, relationship or influence problems that are not covered by the talks we have on offer. Let me know and I can tailor a talk to suit your specific needs. 


HOW TO MOTIVATE DIFFICULT PEOPLE TO DO WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO: In this talk you will be introduced to a specific brain filter that determines how people are motivated. Once you know this never again will you encounter resistance when trying to motivate someone to do what you want them to do. 

Who is this for? Leaders, parents, teachers, sales professionals and other influencers who encounter resistance in their key relationships.   


HOW TO REDUCE CONFLICT AND GAIN ENGAGEMENT: In this talk you will be introduced to a specific brain filter which governs the degree of aggressiveness or passiveness people exhibit when communicating with others. These two distinct styles cause unresolvable conflicts that can never be addressed until people understand how their particular style of communication is being governed by their brain.

Who Is This For? Anyone who performance, results and relationships are being impacted by overly aggressive or passive people.


HOW TO BECOME A MORE EFFECTIVE DECISION MAKER : Become a more effective decision maker by understanding how your brain influences the way you and others make decisions. In this talk you will be introduced to a specific brain filter which governs how you make decisions.

Who Is This For? Anyone whose livelihood is based on making good decisions, and would like to understand their decision making style, so that they can become a more effective decision maker.


SELLING YOUR IDEAS. Learn key tips and tricks for selling your ideas that are simple and easy to implement.

Who Is This For? Leaders, sales people and other influencers whose results and performance are impacted by how well they sell their ideas to others. 

Becoming An

Extraordinary Leader 

What if there was a simple way to lead others that not only increases performance and results but also employee engagement? In this talk you will be introduced to a concept called Growth Minded Leadership that when adopted as a mindset, leadership struggles become a thing of the past.


GROWTH MINDED LEADERSHIP. In this talk you will be introduced to a new and revolutionary way of leading others that is guaranteed to increase performance, results and employee engagement. Whilst at the same time reducing your workload. The more effective your team is the less work you are required to do. Growth Minded Leadership is a simple concept that gets big results. 

Who Is This For? Leaders who want a simple way to increase performance, results and engagement with their team members.

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About Jule Fuller

Jule Fuller loves to challenge the status quo in both herself and others. She believes that we all have unlimited power and potential the trick is accessing that. Jule has worked with sales teams to triple sales and referral rates, clients to become multi millionaires and teams to go well beyond where they thought they could go.

Jule loves to push the boundaries on possibilities and does this with her deep knowledge and understanding of the brain, story telling, change and transformation strategies.

In her speaking Jule vast knowledge in the fields of brain science are designed to open the minds of groups to transform the way they think and operate. 

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