Spiritual Leadership Forum

Spiritual Leadership Community Forum

Are you ready to reclaim your authentic power and live the truth of who you really are? Your true power resides within you not outside of you. This power is known as  your inner spirit or true self. Hence the term spiritual leadership. It is learning to lead your life, work and others from this inner place. This inner self or spirit when harassed cannot loose itself to outside forces. It is complete and whole within itself.

 The Spiritual Leadership Community Forum offers you a community of like minded people who are dedicated to helping each other grow into their authentic power, purpose and potential. It is journey of coming home to the truth of who you really are. 





Are You Feeling Called To Do More With Your Life?

Feeling frustrated and limited by the life you are currently living? Know that you are meant to making a difference in the world but have no idea where to start? Are you feeling it is your time to start leading a life that honours the authentic you? 

Are you looking to join forces with other like minded people who know that their time has come to get out of the shadows and fulfil their life’s mission?

If this sounds like you then The Spiritual Leadership Community Forum could be just the thing you have been searching for. 

What Is Spiritual Leadership?

Spiritual Leadership is the combination of the words spiritual and leadership. It is best defined by understanding the meaning and context behind these words.

Spiritual - The word spiritual is defined as the spirit or essence that speaks to the truth of who you really are. Not the conditioned self which has lost touch with its authenticity and true power. The  truth of who you really are resides within you, not outside of you. Your spirit when harassed cannot loose itself to outside forces. It is complete and whole within itself. It has all the answers. Everything you need is contained within you. 

Leadership - The best definition of leadership I ever heard was, "Taking People To Places They Would Not Ordinarily Go To By Themselves". I love this because it speaks to the power, influence and impact leaders can have.  A leader is anyone who is in a position to influence and impact  another persons actions and behaviours. This can include more than just people who hold positional power. For example facilitators teachers, mentors and coaches. True leaders want to make a difference in the world and right now the world is in dire need of these types of leaders. Spiritual Leadership takes the concept of leadership one step further. It knows that the biggest impact will be made by leaders who are coming from a place of deep authenticity and who are not afraid to express their truth, purpose, power and potential to make the world a better place.  

Spiritual Leadership can therefore be defined as taking ourselves and each other to places we would ordinarily go through the power of expressing our inner truth and authenticity.

Spiritual Leadership Forum

Ready To Step Into Your Truth, Purpose, Power and Potential

The spiritual leadership community forum provides resources, collaboration, inspiration, and support to unleash your authentic purpose, power and potential.This is your opportunity to become part something that is truly unique and life changing. There is such power in groups and together we can all lift each other up to reach new possibilities and potentialities. Each of us has the power to take each other to places that we would not ordinarily go to by ourselves. All of this is achieved in a well organised, easy to use and professional forum environment. 

What This Community Stands For

The spiritual leadership  community forum does not espouse or promote any particular spiritual laws, beliefs or dogma’s. Everyone is encouraged to live their authentic truth not someone’s else’s. Never at any time will you be asked to follow anyone or anything, only your inner truth, guidance and wisdom. This is the credo of the group. Own your truth not someone else’s. Just as your finger print is unique to you, so if your life path and journey. 


The spiritual leadership community forum consists of a number of clubs that you automatically get access to when you join. You can get involved with all groups which is recommended or just a few. Each club has a specific purpose. The structure of the forum makes it easy to access resources, support and collaborate with others. Below is a list of each of the clubs that are included in the forum. 

Content Club

The Content Club

.Knowledge Is Power. The content club provides you with exclusive content that is designed to shift your thinking and allow you to be more authentic and present to the truth of who you really are. 

Audio Club

The Audio Club

.As a member of the community forum  you will have free access to a large range of audio guided visualisations. They are designed to help you unleash your potential, power and authentic voice. 

Book Club

The Book Club

.Every few of months a book is selected for you to read or listen to support your journey of leading your life, work and others from the inside out. In order to make this an enjoyable and non stressful experience you are only required to read or listen to one chapter a week. You are then encouraged to leave a comment on any insights or how you could use the wisdom contained within the chapter to change your life. This is great way to ensure that you integrate the wisdom contained within the book into your life. As we as learn from other community members insights and learning. 

Discussion Club

The Discussion Club

.Discussions are a wonderful way to expand your mind and connect with others. You will have the opportunity to vote for the topics you would like to see discussed. Every week a new topic will be posted for discussion.

Question Club

The Question Club

Got a question or idea that you would like feedback on? The question club access's the power of the group mind to support your journey of living your truth,  power, purpose and potential. . 

Suggestions Club

The Suggestions Club

.Have a suggestion for how to improve the community forum, then post it in the suggestions club. This community is for and about you so we want you to help shape it’s content and direction. 

Free Resources Club

The Free Resources Club

A place to share high quality free resources with  with other members. Resources can include books, audio programs, applications. Anything that helped you grow both personally and professionally. Current resources include: Free monthly just released non fiction books. Extensive range of non fiction book summaries of popular and well known books. Available in audio and PDF

Paid Resources Club

The Paid Resources Club

.A place to share paid resources that you use that have benefited you personally and professionally, including great deals. Please be aware that affiliate marketing is not permitted. You can only recommend resources that you have found very beneficial.

My Business Club

The Share My Business Club

If you have a business that you would like to let other members know about, you can list it in our share my business club.


One sentence summary of what they get.

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One sentence summary of what they get.

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • Personalised Training



$79 USD Per Year 

  • Founding member price locked in forever. 
  • Price will rise as membership grows. Memberships will be keep to a manageable level  
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  • Easy navigate platform 
  • Monitored daily to ensure a culture of growth, inspiration and support 
  • Your feedback  informs the future of both content and structure
  • A unique opportunity to be supported in your journey of standing in your authentic power, purpose and potential
  • Additional rewards for being an active member within the forum. 
  • Affordably priced so that everyone gets the opportunity to step into their authentic power, purpose and potential.