Stand In Your Power

Stop Playing Small

Are ready to take your life, career or business to the next level?

Looking To Own Your Power And Potential?

Do you know on an inner level there is so much more to you than what you are currently expressing? Feeling frustrated that you do not have the confidence to achieve your secret dreams and goals ? Looking to fast track your success but you have no idea how to make that happen? Tired of looking in the mirror and not being happy with who is looking back at you?

The first step to change is acknowledging the gap between where you are and where you want to be. The second step is being prepared to do something about it. The third step is finding the right support. 

Everything you need to live an extraordinary life already lives within you. I can help you bring this hidden self to the surface allowing you to live the truth of who you really are. 

I relate working with clients to Michelangelo working on the statue of David. David exists within the marble. Michelangelo does not have to create David, only remove the excess marble preventing David from emerging. This coaching session does not aim to improve who you are. Instead, it aims to free you to stand in your true power and potential. 

What Is Stand In Your Power Coaching?

This coaching program introduces you to the five gateways of power. Purpose. Ownership. Willpower. Emotions. Relationships. These are discussed in more depth below. If any one of the gates is closed then it is going to be difficult to stand in your power and unlock  your true potential

In your first coaching session you will undertake an assessment to establish which of your gateways are locked. From this a plan is made to unlock your gates of power. You have the choice of continuing with additional coaching sessions or take your plan and start working on it yourself. 

This is a very flexible coaching program that empowers you to decide the number of coaching sessions you need. Jule's coaching style is one of empowerment. She does not believe in creating dependencies but instead fast tracking peoples growth through her knowledge of brain science, the mind, change and transformational strategies. 




Your purpose is your big why. When you know your why, you will know your way. If you do know your purpose it will difficult for you to achieve anything meaningful in life. You will be like a ship without a rudder. Always feeling lost at sea. This coaching program will help you find your big why. Your purpose will then be translated into a simple vision. This then will become your north star, guiding all you decisions and actions. It will keep you motivated and on track regardlessness of what might be happening around you. It will help you slay those inner dragons that want to prevent you from living your full potential. 



Ownership is about owning you. Being authentic. Standing in your truth and not someone else's. It is also about taking ownership of your thinking. Most people's minds are like overgrown gardens that are full of weeds. Many people have relinquished ownership and responsibility for attending to the garden of their minds. Your mind is the central place where everything begins and ends. The results you get in life are in direct proportion to what you think on an everyday basis. 

This coaching program will offer you strategies for taking back ownership of your life and thinking. 



Your willpower is you ability to implement daily success habits. These are vital to keeping you out of your fear based and the reactive primal brain. The brain that keeps you stuck in endless loops of fear, self sabotage and destruction.

Without consciously exercising your will power on a daily basis your potential will remain unfulfilled through self sabotage, fear and doubt. 

This coaching program will empower you to develop simple daily success habits that are specifically tailored to your success. 



Your emotions drive all aspects of manifesting the reality you want. Thoughts in and of themselves have no power. It is emotions that give power to your thoughts. Fuelling yourself with the right emotions is key to succeeding in life. 

This coaching program will show you how to create positive emotions on a daily basis that will fuel your day with success. It will allow you to live life with greater levels of joy, happinesses and peace. 



Few people realise the impact relationships have on their success and happiness. By studying your relationships you will discover the mirror that reveals your relationship to yourself.  

In this coaching program you will learn that what sits outside of you is a reflection of what sits inside of you. You will gain greater clarity and awareness of how your relationships are driving both your successes and failures. Empowering you to move to greater levels of success, happiness and fulfilment. 

Customer Stories



I have met and spent time with world leaders and other influential people that I could only have imagined before working with Jule

Working with Jule has taught me the power of using my mind to grow both my business as well as myself. I now trust my instincts and myself a lot more and this has allowed me to much more successful in my business dealings and interactions with others.

Jule has helped me shape my thinking so that I can now attract endless opportunities and possibilities into my life. I have learned how to hold big visions and then sit back and watch the magic happen. It never ceases to amaze me what I manage to attract into my life both personally and professionally. I have met and spent time with world leaders and other influential people that I could only have imagined before working with Jule

If you are looking to bring the best out in yourself and your life I would highly recommend Jule as a coach who can do that.



Since working with Jule my mindset has shifted dramatically.

Since working with Jule my mindset has shifted dramatically. I am now doing and achieving things that I did not think were possible. Jule has taught me that the only limitations I have exist in my mind. She continually empowers me to push the boundaries on what I can achieve allowing me to turn obstacles into opportunities and opportunities into realities.

I had struggled as an athlete with constant injuries. Now they are a thing of the past. If I do get a niggle I can address it straightaway with my mind so the issue completely disappears very quickly. I also had issues around how many races I could compete at a high level in any one day. Now I know that running multiple races does not affect my performance in any way. In fact my mindset has shifted to the more I run the better my times are. 

I cannot believe the changes that occurred within me and my running in such a short period of time working with Jule.


Stand In Your Power Coaching 

  • Each coaching session is conducted by Zoom with an option for an audio recording that you can play back at your leisure.
  • Your first session comes with a satisfaction guarantee. 
  • Tools including planning and strategy templates as well as audio programs
  • Flexible program designed to fit your needs.  

Investment $275 USD

Satisfaction Guarantee. No Questions Asked Guarantee!


Satisfaction Guarantee

To ensure the coaching session is the right fit for you, I am giving you a satisfaction guarantee. At the end of the first 15 minutes of the Initial coaching session if you feel that it does meet your needs. You will be free to end the session and your money refunded without any questions asked.  

Customer Stories



"Jule Fuller has a gift for quickly getting to the heart of the issue of what's holding you back"

"Jule Fuller has a gift for quickly getting to the heart of the issue of what's holding you back and giving you personalized tools that work for YOU.  

She's a truly generous spirit, always going over and above providing support and insight on every step in the journey. My journey has become more successful and joyful because of her."



"I would highly recommend Jule's coaching to anyone looking to grow themselves and their business."

As a client I’ve experienced an enormous positive turnaround in my company and personal life. Initially I sought a business coach to assist with general company issues, however through my work with Jule I now have a strong global expansion plan and simultaneously calmness in both my company and personal worlds.

I thoroughly look forward to our coaching sessions and I would highly recommend Jule's coaching to anyone looking to grow themselves and their business.

Are You Ready To Stand In Your Power

Time waits for no one. If you are ready to stand in your power and take your life, career or business to the next level then book a coaching session with  Jule now . Don't live with regret. In 12 months time you do not what to be thinking I wish I had taken action sooner. Einstein said it best. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. You deserve to be live an extraordinary life.