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The following mini report represents a summarised version your child's Signature Personality. It is one of eight life aspects contained in the Authentic Self Profile Tool. The profile tool has three major categories. Firstly your child's innate talents which the Signature Personally forms part of. Secondly your child's life purpose and thirdly the major behavioural challenges your child will need to master to realise their potential. 

Your child's Signature Personality is their dominant way of responding to the world. Expressing this is key to unlocking their power and potential. Your child's Signature Personality is akin to them signing their signature on everything you do. It is the way they will leave their biggest mark on the world every day. Without its positive daily expression it will be difficult for your child to realise their full potential.

If The Business Wizard is your child's Signature Personality then business acumen will come naturally to them. As a parent it is important to encourage and support your child to practice using their business acumen. When young there are plenty of board games that will allow them to do this. As they grow older encourage any business initiatives they might have.  It is important as a parent to encourage your child to experience the world of business at a young age. 

As a parent of a child who has the Business Wizard as their Signature Personality your biggest challenge will be managing their self sabotaging behaviours. They are wide and varied and can make your child difficult to manage if you do not help them move beyond these limiting behaviours.

The Business Wizards biggest fear is being wrong. This causes them to become overly focused on completely tasks successfully. Leading them to believe that who they are is defined by their success. This can cause them to want to push and bully their way through obstacles and restrictions. This is because they associate those obstacles with their sense of self, leading them to equate  success with who they are. You will need to teach them their self worth should never be aligned with their success. Otherwise they will tend to become a control freak which will lead to greater levels of stress, anxiety and poor relationships with others. They may play poorly with their siblings, not taking any kind of defeat well. Learning early on in life that success stands outside of who they are will allow their true potential to be realised. 

Teach them not to push and use sheer force of will to bully their way through obstacles and restrictions, but instead to let go because there is a better way. Make a game of it for them by saying something like 'you know I think you are clever enough to find a better way than this to achieve success. If anyone can figure it out it is you.

Teaching your child to let go and find alternatives might at first seem unusual but it makes a lot of sense from a neuroscience perspective. Whenever your child is pushing and forcing their way through situations it creates a lot of internal stress and stress is known to shut down the brains strategic thinking centre.. 

If your child learns to step back from situations when things are not working it will activate their higher functioning brain to find the perfect solution for them. This is a great skill for them to develop that will ensure their future success in both outcomes and relationships.

The Business Wizard can also be overly confident and believe it always knows best. However the truth of course is they  don’t. Encourage them to develop a mentality of curiousity that there is always better answers available when they look for them. Use their wanting to win as a motivator of finding better answers when they appear to be losing. Get them to see losing as a means of getting better and smarter. Teach them the advantages of swimming with the currents and not against them. Help them to learn that In every adversity lies opportunity and you will have prepared them well to realise the full potential of the Business Wizard. 

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