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The Channeller

The Channeller

The following mini report represents a summarised version your Signature Personality. It is one of eight life aspects contained in the Authentic Self Profile Tool. The profile tool has three major categories. Firstly your innate talents which the Signature Personally forms part of. Secondly your life purpose and thirdly the major behavioural challenges you will need to master to realise your potential. 

Your Signature Personality is your dominant way of responding to the world. Expressing this is key to unlocking your power and potential. Your Signature Personality is akin to signing your signature on everything you do. It is the way you leave your biggest mark on the world every day. Without its positive daily expression it will be difficult to realise your full potential.

The Channeller has the ability to channel information freely from the higher realms. As a Channeller you have the ability to know things without understanding how you know them. This is evidenced when sometimes you find yourself thinking and saying things that are very wise and profound. At first this is surprising because you have no idea where the thoughts and words came from. Especially as it is information that is completely new and foreign to you. 

Maybe this is the first time you are receiving confirmation that your gift of channelling is real. If so then welcome to the Channellers Club. You have a profound gift that needs to be expressed. The more you allow the thoughts and words to flow through you. The more everyone will benefit including yourself. Being happy and living an authentic life is going to require you to own and honour this gift. 

Being The Channeller is a true gift. Your role is to offer humanity the answers they so desperately seek. You have the ability to take people out of the darkness and into the light. Best of all because the information flows directly from your higher mind, it is always perfect and timely. All you need to do is show up and allow the information to flow forth.  

Your major self-sabotaging tendency is your deep sensitivity to people and situations.

You tend to take on other people’s negative energy very easily. At times you become so overwhelmed by it that you want to run and hide from the world. It is your deep sensitivity that leads you to taking on other peoples negativity. Sometimes to such an extend that it changes who you are. This happens because you start to own the negative and fearful thoughts of others. Resulting in you losing  your authentic voice as well as developing an inferiority complex. 

The secret to avoiding this rabbit hole is understanding that all negative thoughts and feelings are based on fear. When you buy into other people’s fear you create more fear within yourself and others. The key to not taking on other people’s fear and negativity is to send them love. This simple technique works because fear and love cannot coexist at the same time. 

When you send love to others you assist them to heal their minds of fear. Then there is no negativity for you to pick up on. Hence you will not become overwhelmed by negative people and situations. You are then set free to be out in the world sharing your channelled wisdom and insights. The more you share your insights and wisdom the more authentic you will feel. The more authentic you feel the greater happiness, self fulfilment and success you will attract into your life.

Whilst healing peoples fears through sending love may appear too simplistic to work. I can assure you that it does works. So give it a go. After all anything has be better than hiding from the world and remaining inauthentic.

When you successfully learn to negate fear with love the rewards will be great for everyone. No longer will you want to run and hide from the world but instead be a part of transforming it. 

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