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The following mini report represents a summarised version your child's Signature Personality. It is one of eight life aspects contained in the Authentic Self Profile Tool. The profile tool has three major categories. Firstly your child's innate talents which the Signature Personally forms part of. Secondly your child's life purpose and thirdly the major behavioural challenges your child will need to master to realise their potential. 

Your child's Signature Personality is their dominant way of responding to the world. Expressing this is key to unlocking their power and potential. Your child's Signature Personality is akin to them signing their signature on everything you do. It is the way they will leave their biggest mark on the world every day. Without its positive daily expression it will be difficult for your child to realise their full potential.

The definition of the word creative means the ability to invent and develop original ideas Whether that be in the production of artistic work or innovative ideas. This sums up the gifts The Creative brings to the world.

Encourage your child's creativity as expressing their creativity is essential to them finding their voice in the world. It will come naturally when they choose to express its presence. Only fear will prevent creativity being their natural means of self expression. 

Creatives love coming up with new and original ways of doing things. So as a parent encourage this in their everyday  self expression. 

When creatives are in their creative flow they tend to be fun and engaging to be around. They can light up the lives of others through their natural charm of being light hearted, funny and entertaining. They usually love parties and socialising with others. It helps stimulates their creative juices. People will naturally be attracted to their charm making them popular. These behaviours may be suppressed if your child is not expressing their creativity in some way. In fact they may find themselves unhappy, depressed and wanting to avoid others.

Happiness and success will come to them when they have the courage to express their creativity in their everyday living.

The major self-sabotaging tendency of The Creative is forgetting to laugh when things become difficult. When they take life too seriously it will work against them. Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone. It is important that your child maintains their social connections when things get tough. When they remember to laugh and not take life too seriously their creativity is activated. Not only will they be happier but they will be able to resolve life’s challenges much more easily. When things get tough make sure your child engages with others in ways that bring lots of creativity, fun, joy and laughter to the table. Their catch phrase needs to be ‘If it isn’t fun it doesn’t get done’.

Support your child to engage in creative endeavours such as story telling, drawing, making things, acting, inventing or building things, doing things differently from others. Anything that will stimulate their creative juices. They have great imaginations encourage them to use it. Walt Disney was a Creative. 

To learn more about the full 80+ page Authentic Self Profile Report and our parenting program in which the profile is included click the link below.

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