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The Enlightened Mind Spiritual Classes

Struggling To Make Sense Of Your Life And The World?

Are you feeling like you have lost touch with the truth of who you really are?

Are you looking to be empowered to discover the answers you seek to understand you and your life more?

Are you tired of experiencing the fear based emotions of doubt, uncertainty, fear, frustration, guilt, worry, anxiety and confusion?

Is there a nagging feeling that your life isn't right? 

Is your soul crying out to you there has to be more to life than this? 

Are you looking to know who you truly are and why you are here ? 

Do you feel like you are losing yourself to the chaos and drama of the world?

Are you feeling lost, fearful and uncertain in a world that no longer makes sense to you?

What's The Cost Of Not Having The Answers?

What are the real costs of staying disconnected from your higher mind? Do any of the following resonate with you?

Lack Of Fulfilment

Are you experiencing a sense of lack of real fulfilment in your life? Do you feel like something is missing but you do not what? This can lead to feelings of frustration dissatisfaction, restlessness and unhappiness.

Loss of Confidence & Self Belief

Do you often second guess yourself? Are you confused, anxious or uncertain about your life? Do you experience doubt about how you are living your life? This can lead to lack of self belief and loss of confidence. 


Do you feel you are living the life you are meant to be living? If not, it may lead you to feelings of sadness, guilt, disappointment and regret. 

Feeling Stuck

Do you feel stuck? Are you experiencing deep guilt and frustration because you know life is passing you by? Are you experiencing a sense of urgency to do something as you feel you are running out of time? This can lead to further disconnection from your higher mind awareness. Leading you to live more as a victim of life rather than its creator. 


Do you feel discontented, confused, frustrated? This may be impacting not only on your relationship with yourself but also with others. Creating a cycle of destructive behaviours and relationships.

Missed Opportunities

Do you sense you are not seeing the vast opportunities life has waiting for you? This can add to feelings of loss, confusion, unhappiness and frustration.

How Will These  Classes Help You Awaken To The Truth Of Who You Really Are?

Greater Confidence & Self Belief 

You will feel less fear and uncertainty. Experience greater clarity and certainty about yourself and your life. Leading you to have greater confidence, self-esteem and belief in yourself. 

Improved Relationships

Your inner happiness and contentment spills over onto others. Resulting in closer and more fulfilling relationships with others. It will also allow you develop much deeper and loving relationships with others.

Greater Access To Your Intuition

When you learn to connect with your higher mind it will give you greater access to your intuition. This is turn empowers you to make better life choices and decisions. 

Feel More In Control Of Your Life

It will empower you to feel more connected and grounded in your true essence. This in turn leads you to feeling more in control and less a victim of life's circumstances.

Feel A Greater Connection With Self

Allows you to experience a stronger connection with your true self. This in turn allows you to experience more peace, happiness and fulfilment in your life. 

Greater Insights And Knowledge

When you learn to connect with your higher mind you will be empowered to get the answers you seek to live a life with real meaning and purpose. 

How Are These Classes Different

Jule's facilitation style is a little different from traditional teaching methods. 

In these classes, Jule will facilitate using a mixture of channelling, intuition and activities. Each is designed to help accelerate your connection to your higher mind consciousness. Jule has the ability to see where the greatest opportunities are for people to accelerate their awakening. This can save people years of frustration, pain and lack of progress. 

Jule relates working with people to Michelangelo working on the statue of David. David exists within the marble. Michelangelo does not have to create David, only remove the excess marble preventing David from emerging. These classes do not aim to improve who you are. Instead, they aim to remove the blockages preventing you from expressing the truth of who you really are.

How The Classes Work

 Follow Up And Introduction

In between sessions you will have the opportunity to work with a guided visualisation which is designed to create insights, change and transformation. Each session starts with giving you the opportunity to ask questions or share insights experienced from listening to the guided visualization. 

This is followed by a brief introduction to the topic to be covered during the session. 

Guided Visualization

After completing the follow up and introduction, you will then participate in a guided visualisation which will be channelled by Jule. Each visualization will be unique to the session. At the end of the visualization you will get to reflect on the knowledge and insights received during the visualization. 

Question & Answer Segment

In the final part of the session, you will get the opportunity to ask Jule questions. Questions can range from insights and transformations experienced during the earlier activities. Or anything else you are seeking answers to.  

 Session Options

When you join, you will be signing up for six consecutive monthly sessions. At the end of the six sessions you can either:

1. Sign up for another six sessions.

2. Decide to sign up to more advanced sessions.

3. Leave the sessions.  

Each session is conducted through Zoom and therefore can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Jule Fuller Profile Picture

 Jule Fuller  

Intuitive Coach & Transformation Teacher

Jule Fuller combines her extensive experience of coaching and facilitation skills with her mystic nature. Making her the perfect person to conduct these guidance sessions. She is able to balance the unseen intuitive energetic world with the practical realities of everyday life. Most people would describe Jule as different in her thinking, but at the same time extremely practical and grounded.

Jule has over 30 years of experience in education and training assisting people to realise their true potential. Jule also has extensive knowledge about the brain and quantum physics, helping her to blend the aspects of spirituality with science.

Jule blends her knowledge of facilitation and behaviour change with the miracles of tapping into higher consciousness. She lives what she teaches and has always had a reputation for walking her talk. 

If you want to fast track your journey towards awakening to the truth of who you really are, then Jule is the person to have by your side. 


The Enlightened Mind Classes

  • Session times will be anywhere between 1-1.5 hours depending upon number of questions. 
  • Each session will include an audio recording. This can be useful if you cannot make a session. You can also email in a question which will be answered during the session. 
  • Satisfaction Guarantee. See below 
  • There will be a few session times scheduled to accommodate for different time zones. For people in the US and European countries, it will be the first Friday and Saturday of the month. For Southern regions of Asia Pacific, it will be the first Saturday and Sunday of the month. Sessions times will vary depending on your time zone. To accommodate most time zones around the world, the following times have been scheduled. Please note all times are in AEST Sydney, Australia. Saturday 11am and 5pm. Sunday 7am. To covert to your time zone click this link.

Next Session Dates July 1 and 2 AEST 

 Special Pricing $79 USD For Six Consecutive Monthly Sessions

Satisfaction Guarantee

To ensure these spiritual classes are the right fit for you, we are giving you a satisfaction guarantee. If after attending the first 30 minutes it does meet your needs, let us know and your money will be refunded. No questions asked.

Are you ready to join our monthly self transformation classes and connect with source mind consciousness? Experience the power of a unique guided visualization designed to fast track your awakening to the truth of who you really are. Experience deeper insights and knowledge into yourself and your life. Have your burning questions answered. Connect with like-minded individuals. Accelerate your growth in a supportive and nurturing environment.