The Humanitarian

As a child you would have been heart broken to find a lost puppy that you could not take home and keep. Such is the heart and soul of the Humanitarian. They are forever finding lost puppies they want to save from the hardships of the world. 

The Humanitarian has a natural tendency is to want to assist others in some way. It seems like it is built into their DNA. However the burden of this constant need to assist others can often leave them feeling drained and exhausted. 

However there is way for The Humanitarian to live their authenticity. Without sacrificing themselves in the process. This is best achieved when they share the burden. This can be achieved in a couple of ways.

Firstly going back to the lost puppy analogy. When you find the lost puppy you do not have to take it home and care for it. You have alternatives such as finding another home for it. Somewhere out there is someone wanting a puppy dog. The lesson here is you do not have to do everything yourself.

Secondly. Instead of assisting others all the time find ways to empower them to assist themselves. Remember the old saying. Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach them how to fish and they feed themselves for life. 

As The Humanitarian you are unconsciously aware you have a collective mindset. You instinctively feel connected to everyone is some way. This is why you feel the need to assist others. At an unconscious level you know by assisting others you are assisting yourself and the whole. Such is the collective mindset. It knows everyone is connected to each other. There is no separation.

Your role as The Humanitarian is to empower others to heal themselves. In doing so you not only heal yourself but the world. 

In order to live the potential of this Character Archetype. You will need to slay the dragon of its shadow side. By moving beyond your self sabotaging and fear based behaviours. See below for how you can learn more about your self sabotaging and fear based behaviours. Moving beyond these is the key to you unlocking your purpose, power and potential. Allowing you to live a life filled with joy, happiness, fulfilment and success. 

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