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The Intuitive Child

The following mini report represents a summarised version your child's Signature Personality. It is one of eight life aspects contained in the Authentic Self Profile Tool. The profile tool has three major categories. Firstly your child's innate talents which the Signature Personally forms part of. Secondly your child's life purpose and thirdly the major behavioural challenges your child will need to master to realise their potential. 

Your child's Signature Personality is their dominant way of responding to the world. Expressing this is key to unlocking their power and potential. Your child's Signature Personality is akin to them signing their signature on everything you do. It is the way they will leave their biggest mark on the world every day. Without its positive daily expression it will be difficult for your child to realise their full potential.

Even as a child others will naturally be drawn to them to share their concerns and problems. It is as if they instinctively know that your child is The Intuitive and has the answers they seek. Support your child to trust their ability to provide invaluable insights and wisdom to others. The more your child develops their intuition whilst they are still young the easier it is going to be to use it throughout their life. Learning is so much easier as a child than it is as an adult. This is because the older you get the more limiting beliefs you acquire. The younger you are the less limiting beliefs you have and this makes it easier for your child to trust their intuition. However this will only happen if you take the time to support and encourage their use and development of their innate gift. 

Your child will be happiest when they are fostering collaboration, co-operation and harmony with others. They will feel uncomfortable around conflict. Teach them that they have the ability through their intuition to create harmonious relationship with others. They do not have to be at the mercy of relationship conflicts. They will intuitively know how to resolve conflicts and restore harmony. This will just come naturally come to them because it is an innate talent they possess. The sooner you can support them to trust their intuition the better. Otherwise you may find them retreating into themselves when they are confronted with conflict. 

The major self-sabotaging behaviour your child will have to contend with is there sensitive nature. This is because of their intuitive ability to read people and situations well. Their heightened awareness of others thoughts and feelings  means that they can take on the negative thoughts and feelings of others very easily. This can cause them to feel hurt, aggrieved and overwhelmed when in the presence of others. Leading them to want to run and hide from others rather than intuitively connecting with them. 

The secret to your child not falling prey to this is understanding all negative thoughts and feelings are based on fear. When they take on other people’s fear they create more fear in themselves. A bit like throwing a match into a container of gasoline. The best way to take people out of fear is to look on them with love. This is because fear and love cannot co-exist at the same time. Your child when not hurt and overwhelmed by others peoples negativity will instinctively want to love others.

To assist your child to see others in a loving light make a game of it. Get them to imagine they are a wizard like Harry Potter and have a magic wand. This wand is filled with love and when mentally pointed at others will dissolve other peoples fears and hurtful behaviours. This will then reduce the other persons negativity meaning that there is no negative energy for your child to take on. There is actual scientific evidence as to why this works. Please see my Youtube video where this is explained. (Coming soon. Sign up to our fortnightly parenting newsletter and we will let you know when it is released.)

This will also help them foster collaborative relationships with others. For when they are out of harmony with others they will be out of harmony with themselves. This can cause many issues for them throughout their life. By teaching them as a child how to stay centred in themselves by using the power of love you will be setting them up for a fulfilling and happy life. You can also help them with this by always relating to them in an unconditionally loving way. Coming soon is a Youtube video which will show you through the power of neuroscience just how influential you can be in shaping the thoughts, feelings and behaviours of your child. Subscribe to our fortnightly newsletter and we will let you know when it is released. 

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