The Intuitive Global Leader

The role of The Intuitive Global Leader is to go where others fear to tread. Your self expression needs to match your big, bold, audacious inner thoughts. The perfect saying for you is 'Go Big Or Go Home'. 

If the big, bold you has been beaten down by a fear based society it is time to reclaim your mantle. Yours is not the average path. Staying small serves no one. Your purpose is to lead new ways of being in the world. What those ways are will  be revealed to you by your intuition at the appropriate time. 

If you are honest with yourself you have always felt a deep desire to make a big difference in the world. Emphasis on big. You have always known that you were destined to do big things. It is time to start owning this. In order to do this you will need to display courage, boldness and fearless at all times. Doubt is your enemy and knowing is your friend. Deep down you know the truth of who you really are.

You are an advanced all knowing being and you would be wise to just accept this and get on with things. Playing small does not serve you or others. Your pioneering and visionary spirit demands that you dare to challenge convention. Stepping into the unknown and trusting your intuition is not an option but a given. 

You have a large role to play in this world. The truth is you will never feel truly happy or satisfied until you acknowledge and accept this.

Your bold expression and big actions will be supported if you trust your intuition and do not buy into fear based mass consciousness. 

However in order to live the potential of this Character Archetype. You will need to slay the dragon of its shadow side. By moving beyond its self sabotaging and fear based behaviours. See below for how you can learn more about your self sabotaging and fear based behaviours. Moving beyond these is the key to you unlocking your purpose, power and potential. Allowing you to live a life filled with joy, happiness, fulfilment and success. 

Click the link below to learn more about how you can obtain a detailed 90 page Authentic Self Assessment Profile report including:

  1. Your unique Authentic Self Archetype’s across eight Life Aspects including: Ruling Personality, Supporting Personality, Destiny, Hidden Personality, Higher Self Connection, Lower Will, Higher Path, Key Traits To Be Mastered. 
  2. Detailed report of your specific Self Sabotaging and Fear Based Behaviours across all eight Life Aspects. The secret to living authentically does not involve trying to express your authentic self for that is who you naturally are. It lies in removing the Self Sabotaging and Fear Based Behaviours that are blocking the natural expression of the Authentic You. 
  3. How each of your specific Archetype’s impacts both your personal and professional relationships. This can be a huge game changer. You have probably observed the people who get ahead in their careers. They are not the smartest people but the ones who have the strongest relationships with others.
  4. Action Plans for each Archetype to unleash your authentic self.