The Visionary Leader

The Visionary Leader Archetype

The following mini report represents a summarised version your Signature Personality. It is one of eight life aspects contained in the Authentic Self Profile Tool. The profile tool has three major categories. Firstly your innate talents which the Signature Personally forms part of. Secondly your life purpose and thirdly the major behavioural challenges you will need to master to realise your potential. 

Your Signature Personality is your dominant way of responding to the world. Expressing this is key to unlocking your power and potential. Your Signature Personality is akin to signing your signature on everything you do. It is the way you leave your biggest mark on the world every day. Without its positive daily expression it will be difficult to realise your full potential.

If your Archetype is The Visionary Leader then you were born to lead others. Deep down you know this. When not ruled by your self sabotaging and fear based behaviours others will want to follow you. This is because the world needs leaders like you. A leader who sees the unlimited potential in both people and organisations. You have the ability to inspire and support others to realise their full potential. This is achieved when you lay your ego aside and lead for the benefit of the highest evolvement of humanity. Where other people see ordinary you can choose to see the extraordinary. Your role is to inspire and empower people and organisations to go beyond the limits of their thinking. To take them to places they did not were possible. Nothing is impossible when you lead from the heart and in the highest interests of humanity. 

This is living the highest power and potential of the The Visionary Leader. If you have not started your leadership journey, then start looking for opportunities. They are there awaiting your presence. You just need to answer the inner call of your authentic self. If you are already in a leadership role it maybe time to go to the next level. 

The major fear of The Visionary Leader is not succeeding. This fear can cause you to be overly controlling, strong willed, stubborn, opinionated and dictatorial. It can also lead you to be aggressive, dominating, intolerant, impatient and have a ‘know it all’ attitude. Your over controlling nature often results in you becoming obsessed with the desire to do things your way. This only causes others to push back either overtly or covertly. Leading to what you fear most failure.

The desire to do things your way is caused by a fear that things will not work out. You believe that when tasks and decisions are left to others failure is likely to occur. You secretly fear if this happens your reputation will be affected. Fear of failure is never too far from your mind. To mitigate this you try and force things to happen in a way that you can control. The truth is your fears are unfounded. You are The Visionary Leader and you are meant to successfully lead others to greatness. You need to trust your instincts and the people around you. In doing so you will learn to trust that others are capable of following your vision.

True leadership is about empowering others to believe they are extraordinary and can deliver extraordinary results. In order to do this you need to believe and see them being successful. You cannot do this if you are afraid of failure. This only leads you to projecting your fear of failure onto others. Resulting in you believing  they will fail. This then becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. When you can clear yourself of this projection you then allow others to live up to their true potential. Whilst you continue to project your fears onto others you will sabotage their success as well as your own. You are meant to be holding visions of success for others not failure. 

The goal is to allow your natural gift of leadership to flourish by always holding a vision of others success. This cannot happen unless you move beyond your fear based behaviours. A simple way to do this is whenever you feel a strong need to control an outcome. Say “whatever is in the highest interests of all parties concerned have manifest now. Under grace and in a perfect way”. Then fully let go of the situation and allow the perfect solution to present itself. When you let go of a situation the perfect solution will always present itself. This is because you are working in alignment with your higher and all knowing powerful authentic self and not your lower egoic will.

People will naturally look to you for leadership. Your role is to let go of your fears and trust that you can take others to places they never thought possible. Allowing everyone including yourself to realise their true potential

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