The Visionary Leader

If your Archetype is The Visionary Leader then you were born to lead others. Deep down you know this. When not ruled by your self sabotaging and fear based behaviours others will want to follow you. This is because the world needs leaders like you. A leader who sees the unlimited potential in both people and organisations. You have the ability to inspire and support others to realise their full potential. This is achieved when you lay your ego aside and lead for the benefit of the highest evolvement of humanity. Where other people see ordinary you can choose to see the extraordinary. Your role is to inspire and empower people and organisations to go beyond the limits of their thinking. To take them to places they did not were possible. Nothing is impossible when you lead from the heart and in the highest interests of humanity. 

This is living the highest power and potential of the The Visionary Leader. If you have not started your leadership journey, then start looking for opportunities. They are awaiting your presence. You just need to answer the inner call of your authentic self. If you are already in a leadership role it maybe time to go to the next level. Time to move beyond any self sabotaging and fear-based behaviours. Time to start taking people and organisations to places they did not think were possible.

True success comes when you lead with courage, boldness, love and respect for all. 

In order to live the potential of this Character Archetype. You will need to slay the dragon of its shadow side. By moving beyond your self sabotaging and fear based behaviours. See below for how you can learn more about your self sabotaging and fear based behaviours. Moving beyond these is the key to you unlocking your purpose, power and potential. Allowing you to live a life filled with joy, happiness, fulfilment and success. 

Click the link below to learn more about how you can obtain a detailed 90 page Authentic Self Assessment Profile report including:

  1. Your unique Authentic Self Archetype’s across eight Life Aspects including: Ruling Personality, Supporting Personality, Destiny, Hidden Personality, Higher Self Connection, Lower Will, Higher Path, Key Traits To Be Mastered. 
  2. Detailed report of your specific Self Sabotaging and Fear Based Behaviours across all eight Life Aspects. The secret to living authentically does not involve trying to express your authentic self for that is who you naturally are. It lies in removing the Self Sabotaging and Fear Based Behaviours that are blocking the natural expression of the Authentic You. 
  3. How each of your specific Archetype’s impacts both your personal and professional relationships. This can be a huge game changer. You have probably observed the people who get ahead in their careers. They are not the smartest people but the ones who have the strongest relationships with others.
  4. Action Plans for each Archetype to unleash your authentic self.