A Revolutionary Growth Based Leadership Model That Empowers Everyone To Realise Their Full Potential And Create A Better World.

What Is Growth Minded Leadership?

Growth Minded Leadership is a new leadership model that synergises self actualisation, neuroscience, talents profiling and teamwork to revolutionise and simplify the way organisations operate and achieve maximum results. 

How Is Growth Minded Leadership Different From Traditional Leadership Practices?

Growth Minded Leadership differs from other leadership models, which primarily focus on improving relationships. The diagram below outlines the four quadrants that leadership models fall into.

Growth Minded Leadership Model

Traditional leadership models focus on relationships and self-improvement. Traditional models require leaders to change their behaviors, so they can improve their relationships. This then theoretically should flow onto improved employee performance. It is a very indirect and complicated way to increase performance and results.

Growth Minded Leadership uses a completely different type of approach. It focuses on leaders getting results through the process of self actualization. There is a big difference between self-improvement and self actualization. Self-improvement is akin to focusing on a small part of a painting. Only a small part of the picture is known, not the complete painting itself. It does not seek to identify anyones full potential.

Self actualization is about identifying and maximizing the leaders full potential as well as that of the team the organization. It is about becoming the sum total of who you really are. When this happens, extraordinary performance and results naturally follow. When you combine this with the power of team intelligence, anything is possible.

Growth Minded Leadership also differs in that its aim is not to change you, but to bring out the best in you. It does this by using a unique assessment tool called the Authentic Self Assessment Profile. This profile accurately identifies your purpose, unique strengths and self - sabotaging behaviors.

Growth Minded Leadership does not seek to change you, but focuses on removing the blocks that prevent you from realizing your full potential. The key to expressing your full potential is about clearing your self - sabotaging behaviors. This then allows for the natural expression of who you really are to reveal itself.

Growth Minded Leadership Model

Growth Minded Leadership is a new leadership model that synergises self actualisation, neuroscience and strengths to revolutionise and simplify the way an organisation operates and achieves maximum results. 

Growth Minded Leadership has a 3 fold strategy:

Growth Minded Leadership

Grow Yourself As A Leader

Grow yourself as a leader with our unique profiling tool and self actualisation process.

Grow Your People

Grow individual team member performance with unique profiling tool and self actualisation process. 

Grow The Team

Peak level performance occurs when individuals come together as team. Through the power of neuroscience and our unique team building approach extraordinary results are achieved. 

Benefits Of Growth Minded Leadership

Growth Minded Leadership impacts 10 key areas of an organisation.

Growth Minded Leadership

Individual Productivity and Performance

The Growth Minded leadership model creates an environment where everyone is supported to perform to their highest potential. It ensures high levels of employee engagement and retention even in difficult and challenging times. 


The model builds on individual peak performance and combines this with a collective mindset. In the words of Aristotle the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Everyones performance and thinking is taken to a whole new level. This is further enhanced when the team learns to leverage each other’s talents. Most team building models work on building team dynamics without firstly maximising individual performance. The reinforces the theory a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. 

Organisational Performance

People are the lifeblood of any organisation. When you grow everyone to their full potential you allow the organisation to reach its full potential. 


Growth Minded Leaderships unique talents profile tool allows not only allows existing employees to maximise their full potential. It also allow recruiters to identify the perfect candidate for the job. Getting the right people in the right jobs becomes easy and simple. 

Succession Planning

No more complicated succession plans. The talents profile tool identifies an individual’s potential. This makes it easy to see what is the best pathway for employees. No longer are people promoted to roles that sit outside their unique gifts and talents. Instead employees are promoted to roles where they will always excel.

Training and Development

Save millions of dollars on training and development costs. How much time and money will be saved by having people in roles that they are just naturally good at. The need for training and development becomes minimal. How much money is wasted in organisations by training people in skills that they will never excel in. Having people in the wrong roles is a great drain on company resources. 

Performance Management

If you had to take one aspect of a leaders role that they hate with a passion it is performance management. Performance management issues usually occur when you have people in the wrong roles. Growth Minded Leadership solves this problem by having people in the right roles where they always play to their strengths and can excel because of this. 


An organisations culture is determined by the actions of its people. Growth Minded Leadership allows the creation of a peak performance culture simple. Every decision is based on growth using this simple question. This will help grow the organisation, its people and its customers. Everyone is aligned in their goals, priorities and decisions.

Systems and Processes

How much time and money is wasted on systems and processes that hinder the organisation rather than enhancing it. Growth Minded Leadership encourages a growth minded culture. Before any systems and processes are implemented they must prove how it will grow the organisation, its people and its customers. 

Customer Acquisition.

Growth Minded Leadership allows you to grow your customers by assisting your customers to grow their lives. The central question leaders ask is how does our products and services help our customers grow. Any industry can use this. Take for example a washing machine manufacturer. When they ask the question one of the answers could be creating a washing cotton cycle that totally removes all creases from the garment resulting in no ironing. This would give the customer all this additional time that they could put to good use in growing their lives.


Growth Minded Leadership

Leadership Coaching

Our leadership coaching uses the growth minded leadership principles discussed above to ensure that organisations, leaders and their people reach their full potential. It is a wholistic approach that ensures that everyone thrives including its customers. 

Never before has there been a leadership model this encompassing yet simplistic. The one core value of growth drives everything. Also never before have the powerful concepts of self actualisation, neuroscience, talents profiling and teamwork been combined to bring out fast and permanent change and growth. It delivers high levels of employee engagement, retention, productivity and results.