Why Working Harder To Achieve Success Is All Wrong

Why Working Harder To Achieve Success Is All Wrong. 

Are you one of the many people who have a love hate relationship with the word success. You want it but at the same time you do not want the price tag that comes with it. Things like the constant pressure to achieve more; lack of time to spend with family and friends; feeling tired, stressed and at times powerless; increasing awareness that your need to control everything and everyone is now controlling you; concerned that you are feeling more and more anxious about the future. 

What if there is a way for you to achieve success without the stress and hard work. What if I told you somehow you have it all wrong and the truth is, you should not be chasing success it should be chasing you.  Success should not be difficult but a fun, easy, simple adventure into expressing the truth of who you really are.

At what point in your life did success go from being a fun game of tapping into your creativity and potential to a painful journey of trying to keep up with life? As child did you like to play games? Did you like to win? Most children do, but when they don’t they just happily move onto the next game, where they continue to express their endless belief in themselves and having fun. 

So when did the game of life shift from having fun realising your potential to a serious quest for survival? It happened the moment you went from playing in the moment to worrying about the future and letting the past inform the present. When you play in the present moment you become aware of the endless possibilities that not only exist within the game of life but more importantly within you. 

Have you ever stopped to think where your sense of who you are comes from? Do you believe you are an unlimited being free to pursue anything you desire or is your mind filled with fears and doubts. How many restricting beliefs (possibility killers) have you taken on during your lifetime? If you live in a democrat society you probably think you are free to pursue your dreams but are you really? What is the difference between a physical and mental prison? One tricks you into believing you are free. 

So before all this becomes totally depressing a question you can ask yourself is ‘do you want to break free of the mental prison so that success finds you, rather than you chasing it’? 

If you answered yes then read on. 

You are not free to live the life you want until you break free of the mental prison that is holding you hostage.

Are Your Beliefs Serving You Or Are You Serving Them?

Some years ago I developed a mind set training program for sales managers. Often the sales managers would come into the training session complaining about how the company was always increasing their sales targets. “What is the use” they would complain, “every time we meet our sales targets the company increases them. We are tired and burnt out from trying to achieve these constantly moving targets”. 

Who is to blame for this situation? The truth is limiting beliefs. The sales managers equated more sales with more work. That particular belief kept them trapped on struggle street. 

Through a series of experiential activities they began to see by changing their beliefs they could achieve what they previously thought to be impossible. The end result was they all tripled their sales whilst reducing their workload by 50%. Through changing their beliefs and attitudes they started to unlock their potential and success went from struggled street to easy street. 

When you fail to acknowledge that you have the power within you to change your life you will be like the sales managers who kept themselves trapped from success by blaming management. When you continue to put life and success outside yourself you will never unlock your potential because you are keeping yourself bound in a mental prison of your own making. 

Here is another popular belief “standing still is going backwards”? What are your beliefs on this? What if standing still allowed you the opportunity to realise that you are keeping yourself powerless by a bunch of outdated beliefs that you probably developed as a child? What if the truth is who you truly are is unlimited. What if standing still allowed you to realise this and reclaim your true power. 

Standing still allows you to stop, look within and question whether what you are really thinking is true. Stop and ask yourself is your everyday thinking based on expressing your true potential or societal conditioning? Do you really believe that you are using all your potential? Or do you secretly suspect that you have been conditioned to be so much less than you truly are. 

You may have been led to believe that success is out there in the world but the truth is it is within you. Standing still allows you to stop externalising and stand in your power because you are not allowing the outside world to rob you of it. This is why chasing success does not work. 

When you realise that success is within you. It is freed to just naturally be expressed through you.

5 Quick And Easy Ways To Attract Success


A Quick And Simple Way To Transform Limiting Beliefs

This first technique is powerful because it bypasses your brain's logical reasoning centre where your limiting beliefs exist and get reinforced every day. Your brain has no way of making sense of this technique therefore any existing limiting beliefs are unable to interfere with your success.

Take a few moments to sit quietly and imagine yourself to be made of just pure energy. See and feel your body to be this energy. Now see and feel the energy radiating brightly from you. What colour is it? Increase the intensity of this colour. Now see this energy pulsing and vibrating within you. Feel and sense your unlimited and inner power being awakened as the energy vibrates and pulses powerfully within you. Now imagine there is a dial where you can turn up the energy so that it pulses and vibrates even stronger allowing you to attract an endless stream of success. Stay with this feeling for a couple of minutes.

Return to a quantum state of energy to move beyond limiting beliefs


How To Attract Endless Opportunities For Success

When you awake each morning refuse to see a world you have created through your limiting beliefs and conditioning. Instead see a day of ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES! Do not allow your conditioned thinking to be possibility killers.


Two techniques to assist you with this are: 

1. Before sleep each night say "I join with infinite intelligence whilst I sleep to create a life where I always attract magic, miracles and amazing opportunities”. 

2. When you awake each morning say "this day is filled with magic, miracles and amazing opportunities and I seize each and every one of them".

Choose to become excited when you awake each morning knowing that your world is now a blank piece of canvas awaiting your strokes placed upon it. Refuse to buy into negative and limiting thoughts that try to convince you that your day will be filled with one problem after another. Choose to see success everywhere, not problems and obstacles. If negativity takes a hold repeat to yourself "this day is filled with magic, miracles and amazing opportunities and I seize each and every one of them".

Choose to create an amazing life by tapping into the endless possibilities that surround you everyday. 

Warning: Being a possibility killer will murder your dreams of untold success


Stop Reacting And Start Creating

The words react and create have the same letters just arranged differently. Each moment you have an opportunity to react to situations through your past conditioning or create an exciting new future. When something does not go as expected during your day do not reinforce your conditioning by reacting to it but change it by saying  “I choose to change my thinking and create the future I want.”

When your beliefs or others tells you something cannot be done say to yourself “why not” and just go for it. If all the great people throughout history like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Stephen Hawkins, Henry Ford had listened to limiting beliefs then nothing great would have ever been achieved. 

Start hanging out with possibility makers not possibility killers.


Get Out Of Stress And Into Success

Stress and anxiety are caused when you allow the past to inform the present and then project this onto the future. Every time you worry about something you are projecting limited negative thinking into the present moment and creating a self fulfilling prophesy. 

Who needs a crystal ball? What you think today creates tomorrow’s reality.

The only way to eliminate stress and anxiety in your life is to remain in the present moment. The present moment contains every possibility. Quantum physics tells us this with its wave theory. It states that at any one time all possibilities exist (through waves) and it is only when we place our focus on something that all the other waves wink out of existence. 

Therefore when something happens and you judge it to be bad any possibility that something good might happen ceases to become available. One way of stopping yourself doing this is to start training yourself to live in the present moment.

Here are two simple but powerful exercises to train yourself to start living in the present moment.

A. Take a walk and instead of allowing your mind to torture you with it’s endless chatter say to yourself ‘I choose to be in the present moment’. Continue to say this every time you realise that you are out of the present moment and into endless mind chatter. Do not worry if you find yourself continually chanting this affirmation as you walk, it is only natural at first. 

One of the interesting things that may occur is you suddenly start seeing things that you have never noticed before. This is because your preoccupied thinking is not keeping you blind to what is right before your eyes. You will also notice when you are focused in the present moment it is impossible to walk with your head down. Instead you find yourself automatically walking with your head held high. This is a beautiful analogy for life. When you are preoccupied with thoughts of the past and anxiety about the future it is like walking with your head down, you miss the opportunity to see life as it really is. 

Within a very short time of doing this activity you may find you start spending less time worrying and more time in the present moment, feeling grateful for the amazing opportunities life is constantly offering you. This activity can also be done with any form of exercise or mindless activity such as waiting in queues, appointments, gardening, housework etc.

B. When you have practised walking a few times in the moment try having a conversation with someone whilst remaining present. Use the same technique as with the walking, every time your mind begins to wander bring it back to the moment by saying ‘I choose to be in the present moment’. I won’t spoil the surprise of what happens to your relationships when you start doing this on a regular basis.

You are so much more than you have been led to believe. Every time you enter the now you SEE the TRUTH and your true potential is awakened……


Choose Differently

Each and every moment you have the power to choose differently. Start identifying the thoughts that kick you out of joy and happiness. Then make a decision as to whether you want to stay with these thoughts or change them to ones that bring you joy and happiness. No one can take away your power to choose differently. Whilst you continue to blame the external world for your life you will never reclaim your true power and potential to live the life you want. This may be one of the hardest things you will ever do but the rewards are a life full of endless possibilities for success, joy and happiness.

Try this activity - throughout your day stop and be still for a moment and ask yourself are your current thoughts leading to a future you want? If not then you have the power to choose differently and embrace the thoughts that give you the life you want. 

You may or may not of heard of something called the Bible Code. The Bible Code also known as the Torah code, is a purported set of secret messages encoded within the Hebrew text of the Torah. This hidden code has been described as a method by which specific letters from the text can be selected to reveal an otherwise obscured message. The Bible has been known to predict the assassination of the Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, the Gulf war, and comet collisions. It also seemed to have information about the Holocaust, various other assassinations like those of JFK and his brother Robert. Most of the messages have been found after the fact except for the assassination of the Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Apparently he had been warned on the day of his death not to attend a specific location where his death had been foretold in the bible. Unfortunately he ignored the advice and was assassinated as predicted.

Now one of the more interesting messages that can be found scattered frequently throughout the bible is “will you change it?”

Each and every moment throughout the day you have the power to change your thinking and therefore your life. The question is will you? 

So there you have it everything you need to start living a life where success finds you rather than you chasing it. Imagine a life where you feel energised and excited every day by the power to create a life that matches your true potential. No one controls your life but you and when you embrace this you reclaim your power to awaken your potential and live a remarkable life full of magic, miracles and amazing opportunities for success. 

   Success is for everyone who has the courage and audacity to believe in impossible dreams!

Jule Fuller

Jule Fuller loves to challenge the status quo in both herself and others. She believes that we all have unlimited power and potential the trick is accessing that. Jule has worked with sales teams to triple sales and referral rates and clients to become multi millionaires.

Jule loves to push the boundaries on possibilities and does this with her deep knowledge and understanding of the brain, mind, change and transformation strategies.

Her coaching style is empowering, intuitive and seeks to transform the way people think about themselves. She loves taking people on a transformational journey to discover new possibilities and opportunities.

In her speaking Jule vast knowledge in the fields of brain and mind science are designed to open the minds of groups or organisations to transform the way they think and operate. Jule will not allow you to remain small. 

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